Does This Boa Make Me Look Cheap?

Tomorrow I’ll get on a plane, like many other authors and fans, and make the annual pilgrimage to Bethesda, Maryland for Malice Domestic, which celebrates cozy mysteries. I have exactly 463 things on my to-do list to accomplish before then.

I have important stuff I need to do, like write five times my usual daily word count on the manuscript which is due June 1 to make up for the writing I won’t get done while I’m at Malice. I have a book release on May 30, and I have book signings to finalize, e-mails to reply to and blogs I should write before I leave, so I won’t be slammed when I return.

What’s the verdict on the boa? It’s not the cheapest one I could have bought — but it’s close.

There are things I have to do, like getting a mani-pedi this afternoon, which I scheduled weeks ago because I thought (*hallucinated*) I’d be caught up by now and could just relax a little before I left for Malice. I can’t cancel because I already confirmed the appointment and I’m afraid the nail tech would think badly of me. I also have to pack, because I can’t wear the same outfit all weekend — and it would look shady for me to show up without luggage.

Naturally, since I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the consequential stuff I have to do, I’ve decided to obsess over something trivial. Should I take the pink feather boa to Malice with me, or is it time to give it a decent burial? (Guppy Chapter members traditionally wear boas to the Sisters in Crime Breakfast at Malice). Earlier I had draped it around my neck and was modeling it for myself in the mirror, trying to decide. I had just about talked myself into allowing it some precious real estate in my carry-on suitcase, when my husband walked in, looked at the shabby boa and asked, “Is that the nicest one they had at Dollar Tree?”

Loving the scarf! Taking a few of my own books to Malice, just in case they don’t make it to the book room for some reason, is a tip fab author Cheryl Hollon gave me last year before Malice.

I may not be entirely proud of my boa, but I’m too cheap to buy a new one that I’ll only wear once a year for like an hour. I am a bit proud of my scarf with skulls on it, though. I think I might wear it for my panel discussion, Dynamic Duos.

Author Diane Vallere posted a picture weeks ago showing the neatly folded, color-matched ensembles she was taking to Left Coast Crime. (See Ellen’s post from Monday). I leave in less than 24 hours and so far I’ve packed some books, bookmarks and a scarf. I’m doing so much better than last year.



Post in the comments the most important item that goes in your suitcase when you travel. And feel free to weigh in on the boa, thumbs up or down?

23 thoughts on “Does This Boa Make Me Look Cheap?

    1. Kaye, you’re a bold, fearless mystery author — you kill people before breakfast. Go for the red top with the chartreuse thingy! Can’t wait to see you in Bethesday!

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  1. Hang in there, Vickie! It’s like a rollercoaster: more people feel sick before the ride starts than on the ride itself. All the anxiety is in the prep, but once you get there, among old friends and new, in the hustle and bustle of it all, all will be fine.

    …though I realize that I do not have a boa…. The only time I’ve worn won is when someone loaned it to me. I need to get to that Dollar Store, yeah?

    See you there!

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  2. But, Art, anxiety is something I do really well! My husband says sometimes I sound like Woody Allen with a Southern accent. Looking forward to seeing you at Malice!

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  3. Your husband is funny! I bought a fancy (but cheap) boa in my Mardi Gras colors, but retired it after one year. It took up boatloads of room in my suitcase and was itchy as hell. So I will be wearing a scarf… in my Mardi Gras colors.

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  4. He has his moments. You will look fab in your scarf! Just realized I’m planning to wear the skull scarf the same day as the breakfast. Is one allowed to wear a boa and a scarf?!

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  5. I have the books I’m bring to get signed in a pile. That’s all the packing I’ve done so far. Guess what is on my agenda when I get home tonight? Shouldn’t take me that long, which is a good thing, because I will have some reviews to polish up and I’d like to watch Arrow and Survivor tonight so I’m not too far behind when I get home. (I will not watch Designated Survivor because I have to be up too early in the morning. I will not. I will not.)

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    1. If you watched Designated Survivor last night after all, Mark, don’t tell me who the mole is!! Was already traveling so have to watch when I get home.


  6. Books are the most important thing to pack, right? Since my own books are lining the bottom of my suitcase, I’m only taking one other book to get signed (Frances Brody’s because it’s not her most recent and I’m not sure they’ll have it in the book room). I’ll buy some more books there to get signed, including the anthology, which I want to get ALL the authors to sign! And, Mark, I bet you *will* end up watching Designated Survivor 🙂

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  7. First of all, love the title! Secondly, I am in the same boat—or pedi chair, as the case may be. I’m slammed today, but have to take time out for some self maintenance. 🙂

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  8. Ha ha! That title! You’re actually ahead of me…just pulled out my suitcase minutes ago. We have the same scarf too…I wore the red one last year so packed the pink version today (that’s the only thing in my suitcase right now, lol).

    Annnnd I left my boa on the chair last year by mistake…it’s probably still there, right? I’ll just grab that before the breakfast… 😉 #goodplan #notreally

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  9. I’m such a newbie that it never occurred to me to bring other people’s books to have them sign it…Also I feel you on not pissing off the nail tech. There are certain people you don’t want to cross. Ever.

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  10. My green boa got a little soggy on St. PAddy’s Day. So I am subbing a lei. That’s almost the same, right? And if it sheds I’ll be flinging blossoms instead of feathers and glitter.

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