A Killer Halloween Wedding

Kelsey McKenna Destination Wedding Mysteries.pngI have a deep and abiding love for all things Halloween-related. So when the always-awesome Kim Davis asked me to be part of Kathi Daley’s “Halloween Spooktacular” on Facebook, of course I said yes. A Facebook party with a whole bunch of mystery writers and a whole lot more Halloween hijinks? No way was I going to miss that.

Since I didn’t know what the other authors would be talking about, I wanted to find a topic that was related to my series but also tied into Halloween. So I started a thread asking readers to help my main character, Kelsey McKenna, plan a Halloween wedding.

The responses were amazing. I laughed out loud so many times reading the suggestions that by the time my half hour was over, I was ready to divorce my husband just so I could re-marry him in a Halloween-themed wedding.

IMG_8676.pngAmong the most popular suggestions were dry ice in a cauldron (a must-have!), black flowers (one reader suggested baby’s breath to soften the effect), spooky food, and groomsmen dressed like skeletons/zombies/Frankensteins, which of course means they would pretty much have to have a choreographed dance. I mean, right?

One reader suggested a corn maze for the reception, which would take some planning, but be totally worth it. Another suggested a hearse as a limousine, which would be a pretty stylin’ way to arrive. Our friend Celia suggested dancing Victorian ghosts projected onto the wall like in Disney’s Haunted Mansion, and that’s when I really started wanting this to be an actual wedding that I could go to.

Other fun suggestions included having the first dance be to the song “Thriller,” a zombie band, and a black cat as a ring bearer. (I’ve got the black cat if someone can train him to walk down the aisle in a responsible manner.) Décor included tulle ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, and lots and lots of cobwebs. (Some people specified that these were to be fake cobwebs, but others didn’t state a preference.) Also from Celia: A mummy cake made from white chocolate fondant that looks like it’s wrapped in gauze, which would be amazing, adorable, and delicious.

A reader named Amy said “I would do my first dance with those lights that make your movements look really weird and spooky.” To which I replied, “I don’t even know what those are but now I want them!”

Someone else suggested the groom be dressed as Frankenstein and the bride dressed as …. The Bride of Frankenstein! Yes!! Why didn’t I think of that? It’s such a natural fit, and it provides an easy answer to the age-old question, “What should I do with my hair?”

Finally, proving that these wonderful readers were all in with this idea and would not settle for mere Halloween window dressing, one intrepid Halloween lover chimed in: “A mortician should perform the ceremony while standing in a coffin with the grim reaper as the best man and Elvira as the maid of honor.”

I want to thank everybody for all their awesome suggestions — and in fact, I did, one by one. I also want someone to throw this wedding and invite me and all my online co-conspirators.

I’ll even bring the black cat.

Readers, have you ever been to a Halloween wedding? What would you do to scare up some fun? And if you had to walk through a corn maze to get to a wedding, would you want there to be someone chasing you with a chainsaw, or no? 



Marla Cooper is the author of the Kelsey McKenna Destination Wedding Series. None of her books feature a Halloween wedding. Yet.

12 thoughts on “A Killer Halloween Wedding

    1. Thank you, Cynthia!! And Happy Halloween! I was on the road during your Haunted Libraries post, but I did read it and it was awesome. Thanks for making Halloween just a little spookier! xoxo

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  1. Marla, you crack me up! (Seriously, you made me spray coffee on my keyboard. But I forgive you). Since Kelsey is a DESTINATION wedding planner, my question is: Where will you hold the ceremony? A ghost town? Transylvania? Wherever it is, I’d better get a glow-in-the-dark invitation. Can I be your matron of horror?

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    1. Vickie, as long as you’re willing to wear the Elvira costume, you’re totally IN!! 🙂 As for destination, oooooh…. so many good possibilities. But YES on the glow in the dark invites! That’s your party planner side coming out! xoxo

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  2. So yes, I attended the Halloween wedding of a horror writer and his lovely bride, my co-writer (as Jayne Harvey) of the kids’ book GREAT UNCLE DRACULA. It was a great time and the costumes of all in attendance were truly awesome (one makes an extra effort when one is attending a wedding). Wish I had that shiny black taffeta dress back (and even the long, high-quality Morticia Addams wig (bought in the Village in the late 80s). The couple was married by a decidedly un-scary Elvis and my kids, who were both very young at the time, remember that wedding QUITE vividly, moohaha–especially the gross eyeballs in the candy dish at the home reception.

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    1. Whaaaat?!?!? As they say in Amityville, GET OUT!!! That sounds truly awesome. Not just a Halloween wedding but a horror writer’s Halloween wedding!

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  3. Oh, these are the best suggestions! Now I want to get divorced and remarry my hubby with a Halloween-themed wedding. I went to a Star Wars-themed wedding where the bride’s gown was black and Star Wars figures topped the cake, but nothing like this.

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    1. Okay, Ellen, it’s already planned out; next October? 🙂

      I went to a Hindu wedding (which was it’s own theme) but they snuck a little Star Wars in — including in the Mendhi painting on the bride’s hands! I’d love to see a whole wedding done in Star Wars!


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