A Suite Life

We will be sharing our Left Coast Crime roundup on Friday, but we wanted to focus today on one of the highlights of the convention: A Suite Life Happy Hour!

On Friday night, we were delighted to welcome Colleen, Chris, Del, Dianne, Fran, Jack, Laurie, Leslie, Linda, Marilyn, Mary, and Mary Lou to the Chicks Suite for wine and cheese and conversation.

We had Mingle Time, circled up for a lovely Group Chat, and finished with The Bestowing of Eggatha Chickstie Pins, which led to an Honorary Chick oath (thank you, Mary Lou) and the creation of our first official Chicks dance.

A huge thank you to our guests–it was absolutely wonderful to spend the time with you, and we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did! We loved meeting you and are looking forward to keeping in touch here at the blog.  xo 🐣


23 thoughts on “A Suite Life

    1. We all loved meeting you and your hubby, Mary Lou! And I had the honor of fastening on your Chicks pin! Next we will have to come up with a secret hand (wing?) shake.

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  1. Hooray for Left Coast Crime! It was so great meeting/seeing everyone who came to our ARC. I wish we could host cocktail parties together more often!

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  2. What a blast! Looks like a BDE! So sad to have missed meeting all these beautiful people! Looks like the Chicks ruled the roost! I am so happy for you all. I imagine meeting fans is only beat out by a new book being released. Until I get published I am thrilled to be a forever fan.

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