Malice-iously yours: a photo album

Here it is, my obligatory Malice Domestic post! Actually, it’s my second. Yesterday I was over at Cozy Up with Kathy blogging about the fact that the thirtieth Malice happened to coincide with my fifth visit (although not in order), so it felt like a bit of an anniversary for me as well. Today, I thought I’d share a fun photo album.

Let’s start with convention prep…

 These photos are actually from Left Coast Crime, but I filled the big green suitcase with the same amount of swag for Malice. (Note that swag went into the big suitcase, clothes and what others would consider essentials, into the small one.)

I assumed the suitcase would come home empty from Left Coast Crime. It didn’t. Same with Malice. #OtherPeoplesSwag.


My Malice donation basket. Went to a little lady named Tammy Barker, which is now the name of the bitchy country star in my fifth book. Don’t worry, Tammy’s not mad at me – she won the naming in the auction.

I got two presents! A gorgeous handmade glass pendant from my friend, Cheryl Hollon, author of the wonderful Webb’s Glass Shop mysteries. And a pen I LOVE from Tammy. (Told you she wasn’t mad at me.)


I finally got to see “The Book of Mormon!” For free! Oh, wait…

My panel. Note legends Margaret Maron and Louise Penny, both dolls. I told Louise that I introduced my mother to her books and it would be a great surprise if she could give Mom a call sometime during the convention. Louise did so right there and then. Here’s my mother’s reaction (she’s Elizabeth Seideman):


As I told Louise, the takeaways from this are that my mother won’t come to California for her granddaughter’s high school graduation but she’ll go to Three Pines, proving she loves Louise more than me. But she still wants chocolate for Mothers’ Day, proving that she loves chocolate more than either of us.


The cherry trees were in bloom! Haven’t seen those since I was a kid.


Swag epic fail. They all got tangled together. I tried to coax Art Taylor’s young son Dash into untangling them for me – “Hey, you’re a kid! It’ll be fun!” – but he wasn’t buying. A woman who used to work at a knitting shop finally helped me out.


Our very own Kellye Garrett rockin’ the Sisters in Crime brekkie. She won some kind of award at the banquet, I think. To be honest, I was pretty drunk.


My convention roomie, Leslie Karst, author of the great Sally Solari mysteries. We make a lovely couple.

The obligatory convention photos that include Catriona McPherson. That’s Elisa Varey and Vicki Delaney in the BG. (Pick up Vicki’s series, they’re fun reads. And of course, Catriona has yet to write a bad book, damn her.)  That’s Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn in the second photo, receiving the Poirot Award. She was gorgeous and charming and I got to talk to her! For a second.


The banquet table Leslie and I co-hosted with our delightful tablemates. Lookin’ good in those masks, ladies and gents!


And it wouldn’t be a  mystery convention if I wasn’t dead to rights at some point, splayed out on a hotel bed moaning about how tired I am but refusing to stop convention-ing for more than two minutes.

There you have my Malice 30 photo album. I already registered for Malice 31, so set your clocks to this time next year for another obligatory post! 😉

Readers, have you been to a mystery conference or convention? What’s your favorite memory?



44 thoughts on “Malice-iously yours: a photo album

  1. Ellen, it was terrific seeing you there. Malice is such a lovely gathering of old and new friends–almost like a family reunion. I’m already looking forward to next year. Thanks for the recap.

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  2. Ellen it was great seeing you. And congratulations AGAIN to Kellye.

    I need to get my Malice recap up (except I’ve got prescheduled stuff to do first). I am also already registered for Malice 31.

    Will I see you this fall in Florida?

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  3. I loved your photos and commentary. Wow, that Louise Penny called and talked to your Mom — her reaction was priceless (so was yours)!

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  4. I’ve been to 3 Sleuthfest and about 8 Malice conventions since 2005. Usually I hang out against a wall; too scared to talk to anyone. Believe it or not, I AM a wallflower. I’ve always been afraid of my own shadow. Just ask my family. I really suck at parties. It actually takes a lot of courage for me to ask an author for his/her autograph. Yes, Kellye and Ellen, it was extremely hard for me to ask for those autographs. My superpower is not that I write; my superpower is that I will make a fool of myself for the greater good.

    This year I volunteered to take pictures. I had no time to be a fly. No, I was a butterfly at Malice 30, flitting from room to room, spreading my wings. Can’t you see the person behind the iPhone taking the picture of Ellen’s table at the banquet? That’s me. I told you no one will know who I am. Sneaky, aren’t I!

    My favorite memory at Malice 30? It was Saturday night after the banquet. I was hanging around the patio, when a couple of older gentlemen tried to pick me up. Seriously! I was blown away. I was slightly inebriated, so I was more flattered than offended. Especially since this girl does not catch any man’s eye, never has. I think they were looking for a 3-some. I did say no. BUT I won’t say if I was considering it or not. That’s up to you to decide…

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  5. Loved the photo report, Ellen. You write so funny! My fav memory of a mystery convention is enjoying the Chicks wine party at LLC Reno..I was made an honorary Chick 🐣 a highlight of my long life!! You ladies have so much fun. We

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    1. Click the little round circle in the upper-right corner when you’re signed into WordPress. Then click My Profile. When that opens, click the circle that says “Click to change photo” and upload your pic. 🙂

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  6. Great post, Ellen — loved seeing the pics! Mother’s Day is coming up. Don’t forget the chocolates! Your mom is so cute!❤️

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  7. Thanks for the photos. At least I got to go vicariously.

    Not sure when I will make another convention (vacation time will be in short supply when I find a new job), but they are so much fun.

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  8. What a great recap! And I absolutely love the picture of you passed out in bed for two minutes. That is such a classic conference moment that almost all of us can relate to! (And congrats on the Book of Mormon — ha!)

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  9. I love your post! I have never been to a book-related convention. Malice is on my bucket list. Bouchercon will be in Dallas in 2019 —that’s probably my best chance to attend a convention. I live about 25 minutes west of Dallas.

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  10. I’m trying so hard not to feel jealous again about Malice. Next year!! I won’t have my daughter’s wedding pix to share for FOUR months!! So I’ll keep looking at your Malice pix, El!

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