Join Us at Malice Domestic

A few of us Chicks on the Case bloggers are excited to attend Malice Domestic 2022 this week! If you’re going, please come find us! Where will we be? Glad you asked: 🫖Friday 10:00-11:45 am Malice Go Round: It’s Like Speed Dating, But With AuthorsBecky Clark, Jennifer Chow 2:00-2:50 pm Blurring Genres: Blending a Cozy with Romance? With Fantasy?Moderator: Elizabeth CrowensPaula Gail Benson, Kaye George, Leslie Karst, … Continue reading Join Us at Malice Domestic

Gone to Malice Domestic 2019

This week, some of the Chicks are attending Malice Domestic. Be sure to join us Sunday at 10 am for the Chicks on the Case panel…featuring Mystery Trivia. And many of us will be attending the Author-Media Mixer on Friday night in the Korby Kitchen bar area as well. Please say hello! We are scheduled to appear in the following places. Ellen Byron Best Mystery … Continue reading Gone to Malice Domestic 2019

Guest Chick: Art Taylor

We are so thrilled to host the incomparable Art Taylor today, winner of many awards – including the 2019 Edgar Award for Best Short Story – writer of fantastic mysteries, be-er of great human beings. Share with us, oh, awesome Art! This week, the annual Malice Domestic convention takes place in Bethesda, Maryland, uniting writers and readers in their shared love of the traditional mystery. … Continue reading Guest Chick: Art Taylor

Unhappy camper, and finding your tribe

Lots of authors and readers are gearing up for their annual pilgrimage to Bethesda, Maryland for Malice Domestic this week. Many have posted on social media how much they’re looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones, and how attending their first Malice was like finding their tribe. Kindred spirits. I felt that way, too. In fact, it was at my very first … Continue reading Unhappy camper, and finding your tribe

Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying

I’ve always been afraid of flying. I do it, but not without copious amounts of Xanax and wine.  I once burned through so many sedatives traveling from New York to Australia that I thought I’d have to check into rehab when we landed. Then there was the time I burst into tears on a particularly turbulent cross-country flight and was comforted by a ten-year-old girl … Continue reading Parenting a Teen Cured My Fear of Flying

Malice-iously yours: a photo album

Here it is, my obligatory Malice Domestic post! Actually, it’s my second. Yesterday I was over at Cozy Up with Kathy blogging about the fact that the thirtieth Malice happened to coincide with my fifth visit (although not in order), so it felt like a bit of an anniversary for me as well. Today, I thought I’d share a fun photo album. Let’s start with … Continue reading Malice-iously yours: a photo album

Agatha Best Contemporary Novel Nominees: We Asked, They Answered

We put some interesting questions to this year’s nominees for the Agatha Best Contemporary Novel award. Here are their answers, plus a special mini-interview with nominee and legendary mystery author, Margaret Maron…   QUESTION: What would you do differently if you were starting out as a writer again? LOUISE PENNY: I think I’d enjoy it more.  I’d spent decades dreaming of what it would be … Continue reading Agatha Best Contemporary Novel Nominees: We Asked, They Answered

Central Casting with the Agatha Award Nominees for Best First Novel

For the third straight year, we’re thrilled to host this year’s Agatha Award Best First Novel nominees on our blog, including someone we know very well around here. We decided to once again have them answer one of all-time favorite questions: Who would cast as a character in your debut novel? Continue reading Central Casting with the Agatha Award Nominees for Best First Novel

Malice Bound! Or Unbound???

On Thursday, I take off for the Malice Domestic mystery convention. Four years ago, I didn’t know what the h-e-double hockey sticks Malice was. This year, I’m a nominee and a mentor – along with author Susan Van Kirk – to some poor, unsuspecting author. (Hi, Mary Feliz!) As my mother would say, “Go figure.” Now that I’ve discovered mystery conventions, I’ve been traveling so … Continue reading Malice Bound! Or Unbound???