Guest Book Blogger: Linda Langford

Ever wonder about the story behind some of your favorite book blogs? Well, you’re in luck, because once a month Chicks on the Case features an interview with a well-known book blogger. Our June spotlight is our good friend Linda Langford of Chatting About Cozies.

Please tell us about your blog. Why did you decide to write it? What are some of the challenges and/or successes you’ve experienced along the way?

I created my Facebook page, Chatting About Cozies, in January 2014.  Reading has always been my passion.  In my mid-50’s, I had some spare time in my life and decided this was a great way for me to volunteer and give back to others by helping share the word about cozies.  At that time, I couldn’t find a page or blog that fulfilled all my interests about cozy mysteries so I started one!  I was amazed at the immediate and positive response from fellow readers.  I’ve tried several different features including giveaways, cover reveals, chats about all the different kinds of cozy mystery themes, book previews, book reviews, sharing cozy news from authors, bloggers, and readers, plus a book club (during the first year).  It’s a fun page!  I started an actual blog earlier this year, and post reviews and cozy news there, also, with plans to add more cozy links as time allows.  Everyone with an interest in cozy mysteries is welcome to visit either my Facebook page and/or blog anytime to see what’s new in the cozy mystery world!

Do you also post your reviews elsewhere (Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)? Why or why not?

I post my reviews on Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, NetGalley, my Facebook page and blog, Bookbub, Twitter, and several cozy mystery groups on Facebook.  The purpose of honest reviews is to let other readers know what you like, or dislike, about a book.  I love reading cozies and just naturally want to share information with those who have similar likes.  Reviews are a great way to show authors how much you appreciate their hard work.

What are some of the best or most surprising experiences you’ve had related to your blog?

The best thing about blogging in the cozy community are the readers and authors you get to know who share the same love for the same sub-genre that you do.  I’ve met some of the nicest, kindest, most caring, and supportive online friends via Cozy readers on Facebook.  In the past, I surprised several cozy readers by calling them on the telephone.  Our conversations were fun, and as easy and natural as if we’d known each other for years!

What advice would you give to new bloggers and/or to authors who would like to connect with book bloggers?

For new bloggers who’ve discovered cozy mysteries, my advice for a successful blog or page is to first be sure you have sufficient free time to create and maintain a space that’s appealing and creative enough to attract potential followers.  Time is always a challenge because there’s never enough time to do everything you’d like to do.  It’s okay to gradually add new ideas to your blog to keep it up-to-date and original.

As far as authors connecting with book bloggers—network!  Check out different bloggers and see how they review, then message them and ask if their schedule can fit in reading and reviewing your book.  Please provide the release date, title, series, etcetera.  There are many cozies being published, and for myself, the earlier I’m contacted and receive an ARC and get an author’s name on my reading list, the better.  I appreciate all the publishers and authors, past and present, that I’ve been honored to read and review books for.

What do you love about cozy mysteries?

I enjoy all aspects of cozy mysteries.  I prefer my reading material to be clean and not offensive.  That means no graphic violence, no steamy love scenes, and no foul language.  I love animals and find the majority of Cozies include pets as secondary characters.  I also enjoy humor and look for lovely settings in the novels.  I look for beautiful characterization since cozies are series and I’ll be re-visiting the characters over and over and want to really enjoy their lives.  Cozies are educational, and I’ve learned all kinds of new and interesting things reading my cozies!  After all, cozies are being read by women and men of all ages for relaxation and to keep their minds active!

Thanks to all the Chicks on the Case for the interview.  It’s been my pleasure!

Bio: Linda Langford lives in East Texas with her husband and several pets.  She’s a country girl at heart and loves animals, nature, and beautiful beaches—and cozy mysteries, of course! You can connect with Linda on Facebook and Twitter (@chatcozy), as well as on her blog.

Okay, readers, say hi to Linda, and tell us what you love most about cozy mysteries in the comments below.

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35 thoughts on “Guest Book Blogger: Linda Langford

  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Linda! I love getting to know other bloggers a little bit better and always enjoy reading your reviews. I’ve found some new-to-me authors from your recommendations!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi, Linda, and thank you for helping to spread the cozy love. I have to go with the characters as my favorite thing about cozy mysteries. They’re usually relatable, quirky, and they make the stories what they are. Of course, there’s really nothing bad about cozies, as anyone who reads them knows!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hey Linda! I like the same things about cozies that you do, no gore that’s described, nothing steamy, just a little sweet romance and definitely humor… and of course great characters and settings always make it for me.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks for hanging out with us today, Linda! You’re definitely numbered among those “nicest, kindest, most caring” members of the cozy community!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Vickie! You’re a sweetheart. I love spreading the word about cozies❣️ If I could, I’d tell the whole world about our wonderful cozy authors and the great stories they write. 😊📚

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  5. Hi Linda! Great interview, and I also have now bookmarked your blog! Like you, one of the things I love most about cozies and traditionals is learning about new cultures, places, occupations, you name it! Thanks for all you do for us authors–and readers!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Hi Leslie! I believe cozy readers all like to learn new things and expand our horizons. It’s awesome that we’re able to combine that thirst for knowledge with our love for cozy reading. Thanks for visiting Chicks on the Case and saying ‘Hi’. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Linda, thank you so much for visiting! I learned a ton. And I enjoy your FB posts too! Here’s a question – are you on NetGalley? Is that the best way for you to receive review copies? Asking for a “friend.” … who’s got a book coming out in October! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ellen! Thank you so much for stopping by the Chicks on the Case blog today. I am a NetGalley Reviewer, and that is the best way for me to receive books to review. An author can ask their publicist to send me the widget, or the author can send the widget. Thanks for asking. 😊 📚

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Hi Linda.
    Nice interview. Thank you so much for all the work you do promoting cozy books and authors. Through Chatting About Cozies, I have found so many cozy books and authors I never knew existed. I really appreciate all that you do for the cozy community.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Annette! I love cozy mysteries, and it’s always a pleasure sharing about cozy books and cozy authors. I’m so happy to know that Chatting About Cozies has helped you discover new authors to read and relax with. Thank you so much for following my page over the years❣️ 📚 😊

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  9. I love cozies because they are like a good friend, and in a series, the characters vicariously become your friends. After reading some thrillers and other not so cozy books, I always find myself wanting a cozy fix because they make me happy.

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    1. Hi Celia! I love hearing readers say that cozy mysteries make them happy. 😀 Let’s all share that feeling with others every chance we get! Thanks for stopping by today. 📚

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  10. Thanks for visiting us Chicks today, Linda! Add me to the list of fans and blog-bookmarkers. I just love that you surprised some cozy readers via phone. They must have loved hearing from you live and in person!

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  11. Hi Linda: This is such a wonderful interview! Thank you for visiting us. So great to hear about your journey and successes. Like Lisa, I’m taken by the fact that you even called the readers! That’s very cool.

    Thanks for all you do for readers and authors! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Cynthia! Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here today. The last 4-1/2 years have been really fun and a great learning experience. The best part about the journey is the people I’ve met along the way. Thank you for writing wonderful stories. 😊 📚

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi Linda,

    I missed this post this morning. Fun to find out a bit more about a fellow cozy blogger. I’ve enjoyed your page on Facebook for years and am glad you’ve joined the ranks of the bloggers this year.


    1. Hi Mark! Thanks for stopping by! A great person in the cozy community (hint, hint 😊) gave me the gentle nudge that I needed to start my blog earlier this year after Amazon banned me from posting reviews on their site. 😢 I appreciate your help and guidance. 📚


  13. Hey, Linda… great interview! Love your FB page and your blog. I love reading your reviews. We like a lot of the same authors, so I’m always interested to see what you have to say.


    1. Hi Christi! We definitely like many of the same authors. 😊 Thank You for following my page and my blog. 📚


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