Guest Book Blogger: Lisa K

Ever wonder about the story behind some of your favorite book bloggers’ websites? Well, wonder no more because each month we’re featuring an interview with a well-known blogger. Our August guest is Lisa K, from the popular blog, Lisa Ks Book Reviews!

Welcome, Lisa! Please tell us about your blog. Why did you decide to write it? What are some of the challenges and/or successes you’ve experienced along the way?
My blog, Lisa Ks Book Reviews, focuses 95% on “cozy” mysteries and 5% on cookbooks. Cozies have no graphic violence, no graphic sexual situations, and for the most part, no profanity. (Minor curse words have been sneaking into some cozies of late, but I do prefer mine to have none.) I post reviews, have author interviews, giveaways, and join in on book tours. I also have special features certain days of the week such as What’s Cooking? Cookbook Reviews on Thursdays, and Cozy Food Friday where I feature a recipe from a cozy mystery.

I started my blog quite simply because sister told me I should start a blog. In 2014 I started reading cozies and fell in love with them (Thanks to another sister). So, I took to Facebook to learn more about cozy authors. I was simply amazed when I found a “community” of people from authors, to bloggers, to avid readers, who were as crazy for cozies as I am. I learned the importance of leaving reviews on the book I read. So, my sister said, “You should start a blog.” I figured no one would read it. I’m happy to say, I was wrong. I jumped into it feet first and haven’t looked back.

My biggest challenge is trying to keep my reviews fresh. I don’t want them to all start sounding the same. My success is having incredible people who actually love what I do. Authors thank me for my support, which always makes me smile. But my biggest success is having readers tell me they pick books because I suggested them! That is such a high compliment to me.

Do you also post your reviews elsewhere (Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)? Why or why not?
I post my reviews to all of those places. I also used to post to sites called BookLikes and Library Thing. I didn’t feel like I was reaching people on those last two sites. However, I recently spoke to a fellow reviewer about this, and I am now posting there again. I also post to BookBub and the Kobo site. If only one person is reached, it is one person more I can help. And that brings me to the why. I love helping authors, and readers. Getting reviews out there is an important way to help both.

What are some of the best or most surprising experiences you’ve had related to your blog?
The overwhelming support of readers and authors. I’m truly humbled by the kindness I’ve received from both sides. I’ve also made some lifelong friends through my blogging and reviewing. Wonderful people I never would have met otherwise.

What advice would you give to new bloggers and/or to authors who would like to connect with book bloggers?
To new bloggers I have one piece of advice. If reading stops being fun because you’re trying to meet deadlines, or accepting too many requests for review, pull back or stop. Your reviewing and blogging should be fun and fulfilling. It shouldn’t be stressful.

To the authors I say, just ask. Don’t be hesitant in asking a reviewer/blogger to read your book. Also, never pay for a review. Self respecting, honest reviewers will never take money in exchange for a review. Look for the reviewers who are happy to help for nothing more than the book you are giving them. Once you’ve found one or two you are comfortable with, ask them to recommend other reviewers with the same values.

Thanks so much for visiting us, Lisa!

Please read more about Lisa below and say hello in the comments.

Lisa A. Kelley of Lisa Ks Book Reviews is a passionate cozy mystery reader, reviewer and blogger who is extremely active in the online and virtual cozy communities and groups. She’s a trusted friend, sister and tireless promoter of cozy mysteries and cookbooks. She oversees many facebook groups, and actively contributes to online events and promotions.

Lisa has a love for books, helping authors and readers, baking (especially cupcakes!) and animals. Lisa and her trusty pup companion, a beautiful bundle of joy named Emmy, blog about books over at (Lisa Ks Book Reviews).


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36 thoughts on “Guest Book Blogger: Lisa K

  1. I love your blog, Lisa, and have found so many new books and authors by reading it! Your Cozy Food Fridays are one of my favorites and I’ve definitely added to my library of cookbooks after reading your new cookbook feature too 🙂

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  2. Lisa, I was surprised to learn you became a cozy fan so recently — you really hit the ground running! Love your blog and much appreciate your support of cozy authors. Thanks for hanging out with us today on the Chicks!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hi, Vickie! I was thrilled to be asked! I simply love each and everyone of you. I did hit the ground running. I was hooked instantly and just had to learn more. I knew right away I would be a cozy fan for life.


  3. Hi, Lisa! You were the first blogger friend I made on Facebook. I love your blog and how you keep it fun and fresh with new ideas. ❤️ 📚 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Lisa, I loved hearing about your sisterly connections! Thanks for coming by Chicks, and for all you do for us cozy writers (and readers). Where would we be without great bloggers like you? Best from Another Lisa

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  5. Hi, Lisa! Thanks so much for stopping by today! It was fun getting to know you a little better, and we’re so appreciative of everything you do. Happy reading!


  6. A big thank you to the wonderful ladies of Chicks on the Case! Fabulous authors and wonderful people. It was really an honor to be asked to take part. Sorry I’m just now getting a chance to read and respond. I have been in an Internet free zone since August 1. But it’s fixed and I’m back on the case! 😉 Thank you for having me on your blog. And thank you for being a part of what makes the cozy community the welcoming place it is. And a big thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog. I wasn’t sure it would ever be read by anyone. No I can’t imagine not writing it and interacting with so many marvelous people. I am blessed.

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  7. It’s great to have you featured on Chicks on the Case! I love your blog — it is one of my go-to blogs for finding cozy mysteries ~


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