Congratulations, Vickie!


The Chicks are thrilled to share that our very own Vickie Fee is the newest hen in the Henery Press henhouse. The popular press has picked up her Café Cinema Mystery Series in a three-book deal. We’re all looking forward to the adventures of an amateur sleuth who inherits a time-worn movie palace. What a great location for a cozy series!

Cheep cheep hooray to our little Chickadee, Miss Vickie Fee!

Beloved readers, feel free to congratulate Vickie and share a favorite movie you’d like to see her sleuth put on the movie theatre schedule!

39 thoughts on “Congratulations, Vickie!

    1. I love The Haunting, too! Scary Halloween film is a great idea… Texas Chainsaw Macchiato? Maybe not. LOL! Let’s give this some more thought though. Chicks are AWESOME with title ideas! 🙂

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  1. What wonderful news, Vicki! Your new series is one I am looking forward to reading. Not sure what type of movies you would be using. One of my all time favorites is It’s A Wonderful Life. Christmas movies always get to me. There would be so many food options to go with a Christmas movie.
    Anyway, congratulations and hope this series goes on forever!

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