Guest Book Blogger: Sheryl Hagan Booth

Ever wonder about the story behind some of your favorite book bloggers’ websites? Well, wonder no more because each month we’re featuring an interview with a well-known blogger. Our December guest is Sheryl Hagan Booth from Booth Talks Books.

Please tell us about your blog. Why did you decide to write it? 

I love reading, have loved writing, and LOVE fictional crime stories. I noticed a lot of the people I read would write back to me and answer my questions, and honestly I started my blog for them. It is a cool place for me to write, talk about their books, and have an excuse to chat them up.

What are some of the challenges and/or successes you’ve experienced along the way?

I find that getting the word out about the blog is hard. Also, with so many people posting their opinions on various things, I sometimes question if people actually want to hear my thoughts.  Then I remember why I started and I chill out and just read and write. Also, finding the time to read is difficult now with having a full-time job again. I don’t know how you guys write full books and have jobs too!

Do you also post your reviews elsewhere (Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.)? 

I post them on any site I can because the more word gets out, the better chance someone will see how I feel about a book.

What are some of the best or most surprising experiences you’ve had related to your blog?

I can’t believe what good friendships I’ve cultivated with both authors and fellow readers! It’s like I’ve known these people all my life. I guess when you have similar interests, you’re bound to click.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Write, try new things via your blog and reach out to those authors. There are some that I’ve talked to through the years that love hearing from us. Most do. Go to all the book fairs and author readings you can and meet the authors even if it isn’t your “genre.” We’re book people and we need to support our writers.

And what advice would you give to authors who would like to connect with book bloggers?

Email, call, come up to us! Yep, we’ll most likely fan-girl or guy ya because we LOVE your characters. Or, give us a chance to, at least.

What’s your favorite setup for writing a blog post?

I do blog in my jammies, yes. I blog with coffee. That’s my preference. I also like to be surrounded by my antique dolls, have suspenseful music on, and maybe ghost adventures if music isn’t good for me at the time while I’m reading. I have to have the mood set. If the book it set during a time period, I play that music. Same with holiday series…Christmas=Christmas music; Halloween, etc.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sheryl! Readers, please say hi to Sheryl in the comments below, and check out her blog at Booth Talks Books.


Sheryl Booth is a wife and a busy mom of three humans and one precious dog, Cibbl, who sometimes models the books along with her dolls. She is a trained photojournalist who loves photography, writing, doll collecting and of course, reading cozy mysteries as well as young adult fiction. Sheryl is always looking to talk about new and upcoming books and authors on her blog.


9 thoughts on “Guest Book Blogger: Sheryl Hagan Booth

  1. Hi Sheryl! Loved reading your answers. Thanks so much for visiting…and for all you do for writers and readers.

    And this = YES! > “I blog with coffee.” 🙂 Everything’s better with coffee…mmm. *goes to get some more*

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  2. I’m so glad to learn more about you, Sheryl, and especially love your blog setup! I never thought about “mood” music while writing and think that’s a terrific idea. I’m so happy to have connected to you online through a shared love of books!

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