What Did (NOT) Happen at Left Coast Crime

Five little Chickies went to Left Coast Crime. One little Chickie went on an awesome family camping trip. And the three little Chickies who stayed home went wah-wah-wah! all weekend–and did their best to keep up with all the news from afar.

Plus, I had something really fun to distract me, should I ever begin to be consumed by the dread FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 

I mean, what’s more fun than taxes? 

We non-LCC Chicks had our own little party. Kathy checked in from the road to share her adventures on the Oregon Coast whenever she had wi-fi. She also sent us the cutest pictures. Note the frozen eggsicle–and the Chick-themed cereal. Maybe we will serve those at our next Author-Reader Connection party.


Unlike yours truly, pawing desperately through boxes of receipts as I kept one eye on Facebook and LCC hashtags, Marla and Vickie were models of efficiency. Vickie expertly packed her family’s boxes for storage and Marla drove all over the Bay Area in search of the perfect granite and tile for her present and future homes. We’d planned to virtually “attend” the Nightcap with the Chicks get-together on Friday night, but unfortunately I zonked just before midnight EST, when it was supposed to start. Here’s a pic, though, stolen off Becky’s Facebook feed (“Hi, guys!” *waves*):


Here’s a close-up (kinda) of the Chicks nominees on the Humor panel. I wish I’d been there–El, what are you saying?


We non-LCC Chicks did not miss out on the Awards Banquet festivities. Here’s a pic of El in her beautiful purple dress (even her daughter approved!), along with a festive gator glass from her table.

And then there were our two “angels” Cynthia and Kellye at a nearby table. (Do those halos look a teensy bit tight?)


So that’s all I’ve got, dear readers. I know we’ll hear more LCC news from the other  Chicks soon and I promise I’ll be a much better correspondent next year–because you can bet I’ll be there in San Diego! 

I might even do my taxes early. 

Readers, what did YOU do last weekend?


37 thoughts on “What Did (NOT) Happen at Left Coast Crime

  1. What was I doing last weekend? Other than stalking facebook to find out what was happening at LCC?
    Putting together a care package for my camp nano pen pal to mail today.
    Making an editing plan for April on my manuscript. I swear this is the last edit, then going to find agents.
    Watching several mini Columbo marathons with my chauffeur.
    And I think breaking my HVAC? I hope not enough that it will break the bank.
    Very busy weekend.
    And yes, I did my taxes a month ago, Lisa. Before I forgot, and got in trouble!

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    1. OOoo–thanks for reminding me that it’s officially April 1st and the start of online writing camp! I’d better go get packed. It would be nice to have a new book or short story for next year’s conferences!

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  2. You might not have had as much fun this weekend, but at least your taxes are done. In two weeks the other Chicks are going to be wishing they had skipped out on LCC to stay home and do theirs. Okay, maybe not, since it looks like everyone had a really good time. I spent my weekend thinking about how much writing I should be doing, then barely doing any of it.

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    1. Come to Camp Nanowrimo, Marla! (Message me if you want in to our cabin.) And I think my fellow Chicks are all a ton more organized than I am, so Danny deVito isn’t coming for them.

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      1. I think so–I’ve sent messages to our head counselor and also invited you to our year-round Guppy cabin on FB. Hopefully you’ll be receiving invites soon.

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  3. Happy to hear about LCC. And while not everyone went home a winner, you are all winners in my book. While some of you were at LCC, I got to stay home and deal with water pouring from a second floor bathroom, through my living room, and into my basement. Holes in drywall everywhere trying to find the cause. I’d much rather have been at LCC. Oh, and my taxes are done.

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    1. Yes, definitely all winners! So proud of our Chicks. But you may have won the non-LCC weekend, Grace. Water damage, ugh. We used to run around setting pots and pans on the floor in our Brooklyn apartment whenever our upstairs neighbors took a shower. But yay on the taxes! (They didn’t get wet, right?)

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  4. Cute post, Lisa! Things are truly desperate when I start organizing — LOL! It was great to get a few notes and pics from our Left Coast Crime Chicks. But big hugs to you and the other non-LCC Chicks — you kept my conference FOMO from devolving into a pity party (much)! ❤

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      1. Oy! I hope GRACE is getting a refund. And doesn’t have to give it all over to a general contractor. I’ve seen the second floor leak myself and it is not pretty!

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  5. I had ultimate Frisbee in Santa Monica Saturday morning. It was gorgeous down there! Then I went to see the local community college’s production of The Mousetrap with a couple of friends, which was fun.

    See you next year in San Diego!

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    1. Aw, I wish! We swung by my dad’s place in Washington on our way back from our coastal camping trip, and I took this photo at the mall our daughter dragged–er, encouraged–us to visit. Missed you, BUT I’ll see you at Malice! ❤

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  6. Great post, Lisa! So glad you got your taxes done. LCC was wonderful, I have to say. It was so great hanging – and rooming! – with fellow Chicks, as well as seeing so many other people. I also got to see some friends from my old improv days, one of whom I hadn’t seen in thirty years! It was like I saw her yesterday.

    Now I’m forcing myself to go to the gym and burn off some of those fine cookies they had out for breakfast!

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  7. I’m still not home from LCC. In a Honolulu airport hotel, awaiting my flight back to the Big Island this morning. And then I’m staying in a hotel the next two nights for a book reading on the other side of the island, so I won’t be home till Wednesday. So it may be a little while before I get a chance to sift through all my photos and post them.

    But it was a blast! Hangin’ with my roomie, Ellen, and with Cynthia and Kellye (that Best Humorous panel was one of the funnest things I’ve ever done) was so fabulous. The only thing that would have made it better is if the rest of the Chicks had been there, too!

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  8. Aw, I love this post!! I missed everyone who attended LCC so dang much. Loved the photos, posts and updates. I’ll be there next year for sure!

    It was fun to virtually hang with my fellow non-con Chicks. You were all MUCH more productive than I was. (Although I did win at Farkle, so there’s that. Oh, and the chicken and waffle cereal find. Gold!)

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  9. Would have loved to read with the Chicken Cereal and such–sounds like it was fun (now having FOMO about NonCon).

    Vancouver was terrific but we completely missed the rest of the Chicks. Every. Second.

    You were all so productive though! Impressive. xoxo

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