I Missed Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

If you’re on social media much, then you’ve likely seen posts listing wacky, made-up holidays. You know, like Today is National Popcorn Day (Jan. 19). These holidays are fun to think about and provide easy content on days when you’re stumped about what to post on Facebook (or your blog).


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Some of the made-up holidays provide suggestions that are just generally a good idea. Compliment Your Mirror Day (July 13) and Send a Card to a Friend Day (Feb. 7).

Some less well-known holidays are a really, really good idea, like National Buy a Book Day (Sept. 7). Of course the Chicks would love it if you buy our books. But there are lots of good books to choose from out there. And hopefully, you plan to buy more than one this year. (But, if you happen to be shopping for a new book on Sept. 7, may I recommend Ellen’s Fatal Cajun Festival which releases Sept. 10. *Pre-orders*)

Some made-up holidays also suggest things that are maybe not such a good idea —like Work Naked Day (Feb. 1). It’s not out of the realm of possibility for me, since as a writer I work at home. But, best not to mention it to that weird guy at the office.


Some are just fun, like Batman Day (May 1). Go ahead. Put on that Caped Crusader T-shirt and run through the house DaDa DaDa DaDa DaDa-ing the Batman TV theme song.

Some are cool, just not applicable to me, like Play Your Ukulele Day (Feb. 2). Take note of this one, Marla Cooper. Hmm, I wonder if the ukulele music has any effect on whether the groundhog stays in or comes out of his burrow. It may depend on the quality of the ukulele playing.

groundhog shadow
source: pixabay

Some wacky holidays are curious, like Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day (May 29).


In case you were wondering, today (Aug. 12) is National Middle Child Day. But please don’t tell my sister. My brother, the youngest child, and I hear the middle child’s litany of grievances more than annually without any prompting. (Need to make a note to send her a card on Siblings Day on April 10, just in case she reads the blog today.)

I propose adding a Make Up My Own Holiday to the calendar, where I finally do all some  one of the things I’ve been putting off until tomorrow, like starting a diet or cleaning out the closet or hitting my actual word count instead of saying “close enough.”

Wait, this just in. There’s already a “Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. March 26.

When is Chicks on the Case Day? Thanks for asking! Indy and group posts by the Chicks happen on Mondays and Fridays — bookend your weekends with us! Wednesdays feature our fab guests.

VickieChickMugSeveral years ago author Vickie Fee moved from Memphis on the banks of the muddy Mississippi River to Marquette on the shores of chilly Lake Superior, taking her accent, her sense of humor, and her recipe for Jack Daniels whiskey balls with her. She pens fun cozy mysteries with sassy Southern heroines. My Fair Latté, the first book in her new Café Cinema series comes out in March 2020. When she’s not dawdling on social media and swilling coffee, you can find Vickie at www.vickiefee.com and in the coop at Chicks on the Case.

What’s the wackiest “holiday” you celebrate, or what “holiday” would you like to add to the calendar?

39 thoughts on “I Missed Put a Pillow on Your Fridge Day

  1. Put a pillow on your fridge day? What is that even about? I can understand why someone might want to play the ukulele or send a card (or buy a book!), but the pillow on the fridge has me stumped. Someone obviously must have been bored on May 29!

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  2. This is so much fun, Vickie! Two off the wall holidays care close to my heart. The first one is tomorrow – International Left-Handers Day. It’s the day we southpaws celebrate our “unique” gift. My other favorite is International Towel Day, which celebrates the life and work of the wonderful Douglas Adams every May 25. After all, every hitchhiker in the galaxy knows the importance of always having a towel on hand.

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    1. I am proud to be a southpaw. After all:
      The left and is controlled by the right side of the brain, and the right hand is controlled by the left side of the brain. Therefore, left-handers are the only ones in their right minds.
      And of course there are very famous southpaws.
      Jack the Ripper
      The Boston strangler
      Billy the Kid
      John Dillinger

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    1. Popcorn should be celebrated often, Etta! Don’t know about half birthdays, but hubs and I always mark our half-year anniversary (not in a big way) — but it falls on St. Patrick’s Day, so…

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  3. I can’t wait for middle child today. Because you all know the middle child is the most grounded one of us.
    Although my favorite one is December 5th. National bathtub party day. Can be taken a couple of ways. Bodies or drinks! Or both?

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  4. Vickie, love this, and thanks for the plug! And yeah… put your pillow in the fridge day?

    As for creating a day, Seinfeld did it best with Festivus. I’d love to create a holiday that spawns a ton of swag that would support my writing habit. Hmm…. is there a National Swag Day?

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    1. I think some families celebrate Festivus at the holidays — or at least the airing of grievances part! And, Ellen, you have the BEST swag! (As you know, I pestered you for one of your fab alligator cookie cutters — which you were kind enough to give me!)

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  5. On our rolling monitor at work, we post the ‘days’ for each month so folks can always find something to celebrate (well, that implies they stop, read the monitor, and find the right date). Still, we celebrate the silly!

    (And also sending Leslie and Robin ‘Happy Anniversary’ love – David and I celebrate 35 years next Saturday so we salute our fellow Augustians!).

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  6. Every day should be Chicks On The Case Day! I know how to celebrate that — and even why — but I do NOT get the pillow on your fridge thing. So you can sleep there? To protect it in case something falls from the ceiling? Does it correspond to Tuck Your Milk Into Bed Day?

    There’s an actual “holiday” here in July called “Tube to Work Day.” It’s like Bike to Work Day, but folks tube down Boulder Creek to get to work instead. It’s a big party and people dress in business attire. Very silly.

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