Behind the scenes: Author “glamour” shots

Every picture tells a story, even the outtakes — or sometimes, especially the outtakes.

I was recently sorting through some of my “author” photos. You know, mug shots, pictures of me at events, signings, and other promotional type stuff. It occurred to me that “the Cloud” enables me to hang on to crummy photos almost indefinitely. I’m not terribly vain, so I decided to share some of the outtakes with you. (These are photos that, heretofore, have not been shared publicly.)

Black is slimmingHere’s me with fab author Peg Cochran chatting with a few folks at a book signing in Grand Rapids, Mich. She’s the “good guy” in white. They say black is slimming. “They” lie.

Vickie Rocking boat talk-ANIMATIONThis GIF shows me talking to a gracious group of folks at a library in Gwinn, Mich. Either I was a little nervous or the floor in that room was pitching like the deck of a ship in rough waters.

Cookie Bite in car

On the road, traveling to promote my books, is hard work. Naturally, I work up an appetite. Hubs snapped this shot of me about to take a bite out of a cookie. It was not my first bite. Or my first cookie.

Enough with pics already

If this top looks familiar, it’s the one I’m wearing in my Facebook profile picture. I’ve used that profile mug shot widely as an author bio picture. That photo was one of seemingly hundreds of pictures my husband shot of me that day in various locales. This one in which my expression clearly says “Enough with the photos already!” was the LAST shot that day. We’ll end with it today, too.

VickieChickMug(This picture look familiar?) Several years ago author Vickie Fee moved from Memphis on the banks of the muddy Mississippi River to Marquette on the shores of chilly Lake Superior, taking her accent, her sense of humor, and her recipe for Jack Daniels whiskey balls with her. She pens fun cozy mysteries with sassy Southern heroines. My Fair Latté, the first book in her new Café Cinema series comes out in March 2020. When she’s not dawdling on social media and swilling coffee, you can find Vickie at and in the coop at Chicks on the Case.

Do you save photos, even bad ones, too?


36 thoughts on “Behind the scenes: Author “glamour” shots

  1. These are great pictures. And yes, I tend to save too many photos, although in my case they’re all of cats. But I find it difficult to delete even the blurry ones, because what if the cat in question never poses like that ever again?

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  2. Oh my gosh, Vickie, I loved this behind-the-scenes peek at your cool author-ly life! I know I have to take a new author photo soon, and I was dreading it. But now I’m totally inspired. We should do a Chicks outtakes post someday. (Yikes!)

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  3. Love the gif, Vickie–you look like you’re conducting a choir.

    I now have 19,000 photos on my computer because I have such a hard time deleting anything. Which not only takes up a ton of memory, but makes it incredibly hard to ever find the specific photo I’m searching for. (I’m indecisive about everything; you should see me try to decide to order off a restaurant menu…)

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  4. The gif is hilarious, Vickie! Makes me want to do one. Like you, I do not take myself very seriously and there are a GAZILLION goofy pics of me, most of which I immediately pop up on facebook. Because, c’mon! So goofy! I learned long ago that I am not the photogenic one in the family and I have many years of evidence. (You should see my youngest. There has never been and will never be a bad photo of that boy.)

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      1. You’re sweet, Vickie, but misinformed! For every good picture of me, there are 50 bad ones. And it’s not because I have a poor self-image. God knows I like myself quite a lot, perhaps more than seems reasonable. But my pics are bad because I’m so animated. A perfectly fine quality to have in person, but on film, not so much! I was on the faculty of a writer’s conference and the photographer goes around to every session to take pics of the speaker in action. I started getting nervous because he was there for so long. I asked him about it later and he said, “You never stop. I wasn’t taking video!”


  5. Thanks for my Monday morning smile.

    I save all photos, too. I don’t have that many of me, but I’ve got some rather strange ones of other things (and people) that I’ve saved. “I can always delete them later,” but I never do.

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    1. Mark, take more pictures of yourself. We all want to see them! I occasionally have to delete pics from my phone. But, they can seemingly live in the Cloud forevah! There’s always “later.” 🙂


  6. LOVE this post and all of the pictures! That gif is especially cool. You are beautiful in every single one…super photogenic.

    Yes, I keep too many pictures these days…am way behind on printing them out and it makes me crazy because I feel like I should be up to date on family albums but cannot find a chunk of time to do this. (Step one: buy pictures and albums.)

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  7. Vickie, I love them ALL!! Plus, it’s so fun to hear the stories behind them.

    I’m the worst about taking pictures of anything or anyone. My husband has historically been the family historian and now that’s fallen on my son. (“Hey, Dom, take a picture of that will ya?”) I’m not sure why I’m so photo-averse. I think it stems from being afraid of “wasting” bad shots on my trusty pocket camera when I was a kid!


  8. Vickie, you are not alone. Recently, I got a new driver’s license and a new passport. The both have awful photos of me that I am stuck with for years.


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