Freaky Friday, Chicks Edition

26 thoughts on “Freaky Friday, Chicks Edition

    1. J.C., George is a neighbor! He lives in the fancier part of our neighborhood – if he’s still there. I thought he owned the house, but someone said he rented. He’s been there since ER. I saw him on his motorcycle a couple of times. He gave keys to his place to guys I know so they could come play basketball on his tennis/basketball court when he wasn’t home. He really is just one of the guys.

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  1. I am with Becky. I would want to switch my dog Tyler to know what he is thinking and what he really feels about me and all the things I have to do to him. I wouldnt even mind getting his insulin shots for the day. Maybe then he would understand I love him just as much if not more than he loves me. The things i do for him are for his own good, not because I want to do them. That he is the most amazing thing in my life and that we will always be here for him. Great idea Becky.

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  2. I’d trade places with someone with vacation time and nothing major planned so I could enjoy a day away.

    I’m daring and bold in my plans, aren’t I?

    (And the Jamie Lee Curtis/Lindsay Lohan version of the story is far, far superior to the original. It’s proof that not all remakes are automatically bad.)

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  3. Who would I switch with? Becky Clark. Ever heard of her? Maybe?
    Why? Because I would like to be in her head for one weekend when she is outlining a book. I would like to experience her plot process. For at least one day. Plus, she’s funsick. That means she’s sick in a hilarious way. Yup, that’s a word. I just invented it.
    No, I am not sucking up. It’s for real.
    And I will talk to you all in a week. Probably won’t do too much social media next week. Since I’m gonna be in Vegas getting married and all. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Except herpes, that s@$t will come back with you And if Elvis dies at my altar, I’m coming after you Vickie!

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    1. OMG, Hestia! That is one of the sweetest things anybody ever said to me! It rates right up there when my 6yo son told me he loved me more than monkeys.

      Have a fantastic wedding and vacay in Vegas! Oodles of love to your and yours. May it be everything you dreamed of.

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    2. Cool choice, Hestia! I imagine spending a day inside Becky’s head would be more fun than an amusement park — and you’d get to hang out with Nala!

      Best wishes to the bride and groom! Unlike Mama and Earl’s wedding, I’m sure your Elvis minister will make it through the ceremony alive!!

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    3. Felicitations, Hestia! We’re all so happy for you!! We want a full recap AND tons of photos!! Cheers and xoxo from all of us Chicks!!!


  4. I would have said my dog, Ziggy, if Becky hadn’t beaten me to the punch. But how fascinating would it to be inside the brain of a dog for a day? And to smell what the smell! (Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t be always such a good thing, now that I think about it. And would have really have to roll in cat poop?)

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  5. I could see swapping with my cat so I could sleep wherever I wanted and chase humans so they’d feed me. BUT, I kind of have that already since hubby brings me coffee in the morning 🙂

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