Gone to Left Coast Crime 2020

This week, some of the Chicks are attending Left Coast Crime. We’ll be appearing in the following panels, with book signings to follow. We are also looking forward to meeting those of you who signed up for our Author-Reader Connection. If you’re in San Diego at the conference, please say hello!

Ellen Byron

  • Fiction Writers are Professional Liars: But Can They Do It to Your Face?
  • Lefty Award Nominees: Best Humorous Mystery

Becky Clark

  • Wonder Women: The Powerful Female Protagonist

Kellye Garrett

  • Hooray for Hollywood: Tinsel Town as a Setting
  • Final Guest of Honor Panel

Leslie Karst

  • Culinary Cozies: What’s Cookin’?
  • Lefty Award Nominees: Best Humorous Mystery

Cynthia Kuhn

  • I Am What I Write: Authors Drawing on Their Own Backgrounds
  • Lefty Award Nominees: Best Humorous Mystery

Lisa Q. Mathews

  • What Makes a Cozy a Cozy?: The Traditions, Rules, and Conventions

Kathleen Valenti

  • Getting Under Your Skin: Forensics, Science, and Medicine in Mysteries


Readers, what are you up to this weekend? (We are wishing you a happy one!)


6 thoughts on “Gone to Left Coast Crime 2020

  1. What brilliant ladies– The panels sound amazing. So sad to be missing it. With so many events beong canceled lately, I’m glad you all were able to make it safely. Stay well and enjoy!

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  2. I’m looking forward to hanging with all of you this weekend. Already saw Cynthia, Kathleen, and Ellen. And I’m moderating Leslie’s panel this afternoon!

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