Rate Our Writing Spaces (Gently, Please)

We Chicks just love our creative spaces. Really. Can you match the Chick with her writing coop? (It’s easy, actually, since our photos are right next to them…)

Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloons

Well, here’s mine: the breakfast bar in our kitchen. I actually have a real office in the guest bedroom, but recently this arrangement has been working better for me. It is right next to the coffee pot and milk frother, and just steps from the fridge. What else does it have going for it? Well, nothing, really, except that other than the snacks and caffeine, it offers very few distractions. See that mouse pad to the right? I’ve had it since the 90s. And it’s very true. Rating: 2/10 for lack of effort, plus 1 for Jessica Fletcher screenshot.


Vickie Fee

vickieNo pictures of my desk.  It was already a mess, but now that hubs is also working from home… Anyway, here’s the view out my office window. And yes, that’s snow. In May. But, isn’t the mountain in the background pretty?

Office window pic

Leslie Karst

Leslie graphicThis is my last week in Hawai’i before i return to Santa Cruz for six months, and one of the things I’ll miss most is my old wooden desk and view out the window from my office here in Hilo. Oh, and my Hello Kitty good luck charm, too, of course!

L's desk

Kathleen Valenti

The best part about my home office is my assortment of desktop novelties. These beloved dust magnets were gifted to me by my children (note the scary monster and hand-painted flowerpot) and coworkers, as well as by friends who understand my penchant for murder (on the page, that is). Of course, I’ve cropped out the piles of papers, unopened mail, half-eaten bowl of oatmeal, and lipstick-stained coffee cup. I’m a fan of fiction, after all!


Anyone want to share a pic of their home office? No staging needed (because that’s no fair!). Feel free to offer us Chicks any DIY or decor suggestions.

21 thoughts on “Rate Our Writing Spaces (Gently, Please)

  1. I rate the writing spaces you’ve shown here, Chicks, as “very nice”. I took a photo of my own to show you a space rated “tremendously messy” but couldn’t figure out how to post it here. Probably for the best–it’s shocking! Take good care, everyone, and enjoy your writing! Thinking of you all!

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  2. Thanks, Margaret! A messy desk is a sign of an organized mind. I have no idea if that’s true — but it makes me feel better, lol!

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  3. I think you get marks for having any kind of workspace at all. I also can’t figure out how to post a pic, but mine is fairly neat. Caveat – I can’t concentrate in a messy space. The desk is the only part of my house that is organized! LOL

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    1. Liz, I periodically organize my breakfast bar desk. Like, when my hubby casually drops the mail on it. (Especially now that it needs to be Lysol-wiped.) Also, I oddly can’t have any dirty dishes in the sink if I’m writing. Not one.

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    1. I bet you didn’t post your pic because we’d all be jealous of that bright LA sunshine streaming in. (So some of us will direct our envy at you in Hawaii, Leslie!)

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  4. My nice big desk I have to use for telework, because the dining room table I used to use is covered with crap that just multiplies like bunnies. It is not my crap.
    These is a second desk in the library that I could use, but it’s covered in crap. And surrounded by crap all over the floor. Including an Afghan inside a bookshelf. I don’t want to know why it’s there! And gain, it’s not my crap.
    I have a writing desk in the bedroom, but it doesn’t get used. It’s surrounded by crap.
    Do you see a pattern here? My house is full of crap I can not control because it’s not my crap!
    That’s my goal this weekend, to rearrange my bedroom so I have some kind of functioning work area.

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  5. Three things I’ve learned never to discuss: religion, politics, and the state of one’s writing space. Currently mine reflects the angst of a pandemic quarantinee. I keep planing to revitalize it, especially since I won the quilt at Left Coast Crime. It is beautiful, with squares that reflect the sand, sunshine, sea life, etc. of San Diego. The plan is to hang it over my desk and let it inspire me. So far, that plan hasn’t come to fruition. Soon, though.

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  6. Love these peeks into your writing spaces!! Sorry I was swamped (last week of classes!) and didn’t share mine but lately I’ve not been working in there anyway since my sons are distance learning and need the computer…just picture a laptop on a couch…that’s where I am these days.

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