A Statement from Sisters in Crime

The Chicks would like to share this statement from the national mystery organization, Sisters in Crime.


Sisters in Crime is an organization founded on the principles of equality and inclusion. We believe Black lives matter.

The murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd are only three recent reminders of the 400-year history of violence visited upon the Black people of the United States. Militarized police and white supremacists using peaceful protests to incite further violence emphasizes once again that Black lives are vulnerable. Wanting equality is not enough. Wanting peace is not good enough. We have work to do, and it is work that belongs to us all as much as those directly affected by the violence.

We at the national board of Sisters in Crime strive to learn and are committed to putting in place what it takes to create a more welcome, more supportive and more safe space within our organization and the entire crime writing community—in the hopes that we inspire our members and others to join us in sustaining a just community for all.

With this in mind, we are considering several new initiatives to better support the fight against racism and hate within our organization and its chapters.

If you are moved to make an individual effort now, consider making a donation to Black Lives Matter, the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Police Accountability Project or other similar organizations fighting racism, rights violations, and/or police brutality. To educate yourself further on issues related to these issues, you may consider books such as How to Be an AntiRacist by Ibraham X. Kendi, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, or So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. Buying books? Also consider supporting the work of crime writers of color. You can find a list of authors at Sister in Crime’s Frankie’s List and also at the website for Crime Writers of Color. You could also support Black-owned Bookstores at the same time. There are additionally many films, podcasts, and other resources for those who want to learn more.

Sisters in Crime will also be looking to leverage a few of our ongoing initiatives to give additional support where it is needed most:

The Sisters in Crime Eleanor Taylor Bland Award will expand to give more support to more writers of color each year, and to build a cohort of writers of color who can learn from and support each other. We will be expanding the support offered to winners, runners-up, and all participants. We are extending the deadline for applications by two weeks to June 22, 2020; entry is always free.
Our We Love Bookstores grant program will make additional $500 grants in 2020 to Black-owned bookstores.
Our We Love Libraries grant program will earmark the remaining $1000 grants in 2020 to libraries in underserved communities.

If current members of Sisters in Crime have suggestions or questions about any of these measures or other actions, please feel free to email national president Lori Rader-Day.


The Sisters in Crime National Board

For more information on Sisters in Crime, visit sistersincrime.org.

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