Chicks R Us

Have you ever experienced that phenomenon where you suddenly start seeing the same thing everywhere? When I first got engaged, I saw sparkling rings on people’s hands all the time. When I was pregnant, I noticed that a lot of people around me were also preggers. Now, after becoming a Chick, I’ve been seeing chickens all around me—uh, okay, I mean chick-themed items in my home because: a) it would be weird to see real chickens chirping all around Los Angeles, and b) I’m basically nesting in my home, so there isn’t too much travel happening. 

Anyway, I realized that I’ve actually collected some cute chicks-related stuff over the years. As evidence, I present to you:


This cheery bowl is one of my favorites, and I love eating a snack or drinking soup from it. There’s something about the happy green chick that makes me smile. Sad note: This used to be a combo set that included a matching cup. Alas, the mug sustained multiple chips and a major crack, so I eventually had to toss it out. 

Background story: I got my bowl-and-cup set as a mystery gift. I was part of a local moms’ group, and one year, we decided to give each other gifts just for fun. I remember getting so excited when I found the set on my doorstep. 


These fun boots with chickens are a must for me whenever the weather gets damp. To be fair, we don’t get a huge amount of rain in SoCal, so I opted for these shorter boots to wear. (Also, I’m lazy, and they’re super easy to slip off, as opposed to regular tall rain boots.) They still do the trick of keeping my feet warm and dry in the rain, and they’re also helpful with the (few) gardening tasks that I do. 

Background story: Confession time: I was jealous of my kids’ cool boots. I mean, why should they get all the nifty shoes? So, I got my own pair, justifying the purchase because, hey, my feet won’t ever change in size. 


I also have more than a few chick toys. This is probably because I have kids in my home. These are totally not practical, but they’re oh-so-cute. 

Background story: In my childhood, I remember getting one of those battery-operated chicks for spring one year. I was so amazed that they’d chirp on contact when I held them. Ever since that fun experience, I’ve had a soft spot for toys with chick themes. 

Interestingly enough, although I have this chick(en) collection, I never attempted to amass these items. Throughout the years, I have, though, tried to deliberately collect stickers, stamps, hair barrettes, polished stones, and more. All these collecting trends never lasted, but my chickie stuff has continued on. Go figure. 

What have you collected (intentionally or not) over the years?

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30 thoughts on “Chicks R Us

  1. I love Koala bears and I didn’t have to collect them. Friends and family would buy me all kinds of Koala bears things, especially my Dad. He loved to add to all of our collections. Thank you for this chance. pgenest57(at)aol(dot)com

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  2. That bowl is so cute! I used to collect coins. It was intentional at first, but now I’m not sure how to get rid of them. You can’t really throw money away, but at the same time I don’t need a bucket full of Canadian change (which is what the collection mostly is since apparently I thought their coins were cool when I was a kid).

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    1. Thanks, Marla! Canadian money is really cool. Those bills seem almost like Monopoly money, though–I’m not used to their texture and feel.

      (We have this change jar in our household that has mostly pennies, and we keep adding to it. The smart thing would be to get those coin roll wrappers and exchange them, but the lazy side of me keeps winning this battle.)

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      1. Those coin wrappers are daunting. I’m paranoid that I’ll undercount and the bank will have me arrested. So I use those change machines at the grocery store when my blue plastic Piggy is full (he doesn’t get fed quarters, b/c I use those for parking meters). I know I’m losing money this way, but I always feel as if I won at the slot machine!

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      2. Lisa, sometimes the convenience is worth giving up a little bit of money. I wish those machines took Canadian coins! And Jennifer, unfortunately I don’t have anything as valuable as Canadian bills. It’s all change, mostly pennies. I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen a Canadian bill, but now you have me curious what they feel like!

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  3. I collect coffee mugs from around the world and cups that have to do with my passions, cats, music, books and knitting. I have almost 500 of them. My husband designed display racks for me, each pole holding 56 mugs. They are pegged into the ceiling and floor so they are not a danger when little ones or pets are near. It is quite an event to come to my house for coffee. It takes longer to pick a mug than to drink the coffee. And each mug has a story. Yes, cleaning them is a project, and it is compounded because I do not have a dishwasher. But hand washing each one gives me time to reflect on who gave it to me and the story behind it. So in a way, it is kind of a meditative time.

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  4. I agree that you were destined to become a Chick, Jen! And love your collection theme. I accumulate plenty of “stuff,” but I’m not lsure any of the items qualify as collections. I do have a drawer full of cool, colorful beer coasters that I’ve picked up over the years, though. I’m always a little sad if they get wet.

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  5. Mimi, I LOVE your Chicks stuff! My accidental collection – now pretty much dispersed – was an accidental one. My play GRACELAND is about two Elvis Presley fans. Because of this, for years people were giving me Elvis memorabilia. Stamps, postcards, paperweights – even liquor bottles! (There’s one in the play!) The funny thing, the fact I didn’t understand how people could be such superfans is what motivated me to write the play. I didn’t get it. But in writing the play and getting into those character’s heads and researching about Elvis’ impact, I did come to appreciate him.

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    1. You just called me Mimi! 😆 Love it! I must be really sending out the vibes of my main character, Mimi Lee.

      That’s so funny about the Elvis memorabilia. My dad went to Graceland once and showed me a bunch of pics of the crowds and all the items in that place!

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  6. We all knew you were destined to be a Chick! Love your unintentional Chicks collection — especially the bowl! I mostly collect dust, but more in a passive way than proactive one, lol! My mom has a collection my husband finds kinda scary: clocks. She has well over 100 in her house. He says spending the night there is like trying to sleep inside a ticking time bomb!

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    1. Thanks, Vickie! Hey, I collect dust too! 🙂

      Hmm, I’m not so sure I want a house filled with clocks either. I mean, we did buy an exceptionally loud one when the kids were babies to emulate “a mom’s beating heart,” but we’ve since moved on.

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  7. I collect collections? Does that make sense?
    Shot glasses
    Casino coins (both $1 from active and collectibles from extinct casinos)
    Anything Elvis
    Anything Julia Child
    Starbucks coffee mugs you can’t find just anywhere
    Books on little known history of places/events
    Items from fundraisers (like a necklace created to restore the Notre Dame)
    Ex-husbands (fortunately a small collection of 2)

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