Guest Chick: Susan Van Kirk

We are absolutely delighted to welcome Susan Van Kirk, president of the online chapter of Sisters in Crime (“Guppies”) and author of the Endurance Mysteries. A DEATH AT TIPPITT POND is the first in her new Sweet Iron Mystery series, and Susan has graciously offered to give an ebook of this much-anticipated mystery to one lucky commenter today!  Life’s Safety Features I live in a … Continue reading Guest Chick: Susan Van Kirk

Guest Chick: Alexia Gordon

Cynthia here, and I’m thrilled to welcome back to Chicks on the Case the wonderful Alexia Gordon, author of the fabulous and award-winning Gethsemane Brown mystery series! Her latest book, Execution in E, just launched yesterday, and we all can’t wait to read it. Many thanks to Alexia for generously offering a giveaway today as well–please read through her terrific post for more details.  If I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Alexia Gordon

Guest Chick: Dianne Freeman

We are delighted to welcome Dianne Freeman, author of the award-winning Countess of Harleigh Mystery series! A Lady’s Guide to Gossip and Murder is out this week, and Dianne will give away one hardcover copy to a lucky commenter. I Wrote a What? There was never any question that when I wrote a novel, it would be historical fiction. I love history. There’s something magical … Continue reading Guest Chick: Dianne Freeman

Guest Chick: Elizabeth Wilkerson

We are thrilled to welcome Elizabeth Wilkerson, author of Tokyo Firewall–and she’s offering a wonderful giveaway! Read on for more… Poisoning my dinner party guests wasn’t my intention… I moved to Tokyo in the late ‘80s to study butoh dance. I didn’t speak Japanese, but I figured I could learn the language by osmosis just by being in the flow of everyday life. I was … Continue reading Guest Chick: Elizabeth Wilkerson

Guest Chick: Mollie Cox Bryan

We are delighted to welcome back our friend Mollie Cox Bryan, whose new book, The Jean Harlow Bombshell, is out this month. We Chicks can’t wait to read it, especially since Mollie told us an incredible story about her connection to Jean the last time she was here. Welcome back and congratulations on the book, Mollie! Chances are, if you’ve heard of the movie star … Continue reading Guest Chick: Mollie Cox Bryan

Guest Chick: Gretchen Archer

Please join us in welcoming the wonderful USA Today bestselling, Agatha-award-nominated author Gretchen Archer, who writes the Davis Way Crime Capers. Leave a comment below to be entered to win a copy of Double Agent, the latest book in this terrific series, out this week! Keeping It Fresh How to sustain a long-running series? I’m not sure I know. I don’t know if my Davis … Continue reading Guest Chick: Gretchen Archer

Guest Chick: Julie Mulhern

Please welcome Julie Mulhern, USA Today bestselling author of The Country Club Murders and the Poppy Fields Adventures. Her latest mystery, BACKSTABBERS, is now available. Today, she’s brought copies of the first book in the Poppy Fields series for five lucky commenters! I am thrilled to be hanging out with the Chicks – but being here isn’t without stress. Some of the funniest women I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Julie Mulhern

Murder Mystery Haiku (and a Giveaway!)

This seems to be a week for poetry on the Chicks! Today, I’m discussing the fun, Japanese poetic form of haiku. I was first introduced to haiku back in 1977, when my law professor father initiated the Federal Jurisdiction Haiku Festival at the UCLA School of Law, inviting students and professors to submit original poems on this arcane subject. This was long before I became … Continue reading Murder Mystery Haiku (and a Giveaway!)