S is for September Sweepstakes

There’s an exciting time that happens right before a book launch—sweepstakes season. That’s when my brilliant marketing team at Berkley runs giveaways. Hooray for giving back to the reading community!

My next Sassy Cat Mystery, Mimi Lee Cracks the Code, will release on November 30, but its first sweepstakes happens now! That’s why S equals September Sweepstakes.

This exciting giveaway features four books AND a mysterious murder mystery game. It’s called the Detective Starter Pack Sweepstakes and goes from September 15 through September 25. I’m happy to be participating with Olivia Blacke, Jennifer Hawkins, and Jenn McKinlay.  

Detective Starter Pack Sweepstakes with a mystery box containing a murder mystery game and four books: Murder Always Barks Twice, No Memes of Escape, Mimi Lee Cracks the Code, and Killer Research

For kicks, I asked my fellow authors to give me one fun fact about their current book. Check out our answers below:

The biggest challenge in NO MEMES OF ESCAPE was figuring out the mechanics of an escape room and making everything connect logically behind the scenes. Luckily for me, my bestie and his husband are escape room junkies, plus he’s worked at a couple of escape rooms, so I was able to pick his brain which was an immense help with designing a working escape room.

—Olivia Blacke (No Memes of Escape)

I stayed in an Art Deco style house on Catalina Island that was the inspiration (minus all the thefts) for the vacation rental in Mimi Lee Cracks the Code.

—Jennifer J. Chow (Mimi Lee Cracks the Code)

Fun fact: Not only are corgis said to have come to Great Britain with the Vikings but they are supposedly frequently ridden by fairies instead of horses, and that the white markings on a Welsh Pembroke Corgi’s shoulders are from the fairy saddle.

—Jennifer Hawkins (Murder Always Barks Twice )

My cover artist put a stack of books on the cover and one of them is the cover of the first book in the series. You have to look closely but I love how meta it is!

—Jenn McKinlay (Killer Research)

A fun, related collage (starting from upper L, going clockwise): Rocked an escape room; Catalina Island; Book 1 in the Library Lover’s Mysteries; fairy puzzle

Readers, what do you associate with September?

39 thoughts on “S is for September Sweepstakes

  1. To me, the beginning of September means 1st Day of School photos for children of friends and family. Mid-September (the 15th) means the birthday of Dame Agatha Christie. The end of September means October, my birthday month is coming up next!!

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  2. September means cooler weather, Football, the geese start their flyovers, I start getting my garden prepped for winter, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes and starting my Christmas projects!

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  3. It’s my birthday and wedding anniversary month. Here in Florida it’s still in the 90’s so it’s iced pumpkin lattes for me. I do miss seeing the foliage when I lived in MA and taking a drive up to the White Mountains and going to the County Fairs. pgenest57 at aol dot com

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    1. I love the month of September, Jen. Here in Indiana, the humidity is dropping and the intense summer heat is going away. Ideal weather in my book. Cheers!

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  4. The year is coming to a close. The snowy holiday season is approaching, and I’m turning another year older this month. The feel and smell in the air are changing, cooler weather is here, and the days are noticeably shorter. It’s bitter-sweet, more sweet than bitter. I love the colors and inspiration to do better next year. I’m grateful each morning I wake up to be here to witness yet another day of the passing season.

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  5. Love these backstage glimpses! I’m a big fan of September—football and cooler weather spring to mind. In fact, even though it has been in the 90s the last couple of days, I’m wearing a sweatshirt because my windows are all open and the thermostat reads a glorious 66°!

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  6. Love all of these behind the scenes tidbits! Fascinating!!

    My favorite part about September is the advent of Sweater Weather. I’m just not so thrilled about what comes after: Heavy Coat and Boots Weather.

    Excited about the new Sassy Cat Mystery, coming soon!

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  7. My father was born September 1 and my mother September 29, so I welcome in and welcome out this month celebrating two special people that now reside in Heaven. My sister was born in August and I was born in October, so we surround September.

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  8. I’m eagerly awaiting your Mimi Lee book release, love this series! Fall is my favorite season and I am looking forward to cooler weather and hopefully lots of rain!

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  9. I’m old enough to remember when school started after Labor Day. I had three family members who had birthdays in September. Lots of cake then! They are all gone now. Now, September is a visible marker that cooler weather is FINALLY coming back!

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  10. Loved hearing the behind-the-books stories, Jen! Constantly adding/peeling off layers of clothing with crazily-changing temps comes to mind for Septembers in New England–along with baseball/football on rotation (go, Sox/Pats!), apples, and…that Earth, Wind & Fire song. (I was in college at the time.) This month always means a brand new year to me–maybe even more than Jan. 1. Fresh goals, new notebooks!

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  11. September to me is the time Mother Nature starts her process of putting the flora to bed for the year. It is also the time to start gathering supplies for the pantry to make dishes to warm our bodies and souls due tocooler weather.

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