Zoom Shirts & Other Fashion Accessories

I’m in Book Release Week for the second installment in the Sassy Cat Mystery Series. (Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines came out last Tuesday on November 10th.) Understandably, all my events are online. So, of course, the burning question on my mind is: What should I wear?

I read some recent articles about Zoom shirts. People actually have go-to tops for their e-ppearances (thanks for that term, El!).

There are mixed opinions about what makes the best Zoom shirt:

  • Wear a shirt that’s not too bright (it’ll look more professional)
  • Wear colors (to show off your personality)
  • Do not wear white (you’ll blend into the wall)
  • Do not wear black (you’ll look like a shadow)

What I’ve realized for me is that I need a Zoom shirt with a great collar. My camera and microphone set-up is such that it only shows off my neck and a bit of shirt. Which is a real shame. At the virtual Bouchercon, I wore this cool Nancy Drew shirt (purchased from Out of Print)…but nobody could see the sleuth image during my panel!

I’ve seen others wearing great accessories on camera, like fashion scarves and statement necklaces. Inspired, I’ve been searching through my accessories and emptying out my jewelry box.

Here are a few finds:

I actually wore this for an interview! (Note: The necklace was custom-crafted by my Taiwanese relative.)

This statement necklace was used for another video:

I even resorted to pretending that this cute headband was a mini looped scarf.

What about this one? Is it too early to wear holiday gold?

Give me your online fashion advice, so I can look snazzy for future virtual events.

What do you wear for Zoom and other online happenings?

31 thoughts on “Zoom Shirts & Other Fashion Accessories

  1. My go-to is solid colors. The wall behind me is dark umber, so I’m good to wear white. The “snazz factor” of the shirt depends on the event. But I always put on makeup at least foundation and mascara. I look too old and tired without it.

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  2. Congrats again on your latest launch, Jen! And you always look perfect, in my view. It’s gotten colder here in New England, so I’ve turned to turtlenecks or maybe a nice sweater. That means I only have to think about earrings, lol. I haven’t had many e-ppearances (hello, WIP?), but I have an editing webinar coming up in Jan. Ah, the stress…I don’t Zoom with clients, though, because it’s hard to refer to my notes–plus, I often make frowny faces when I am listening and just concentrating/considering. I used to wear tweedy jackets, but even those are too formal these days, so I channel Jennifer Garner and go with tees and J. Crew cardigans whenever possible. The cheater glasses, though–ugh. I need to up my game.

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    1. Thanks, Lisa! Your wardrobe sounds great! (I have a love-hate relationship with turtlenecks. I feel so much shorter when wearing one!)

      I don’t make frowny faces, but I think I often look up or to the side. It’s always hard to stare straight at that camera lens for me.

      The Jennifer Garner look–perfect!


  3. I haven’t given much thought to my Zoom fashions — maybe I should! Like Liz, I do make-up, at least a bit of eyeliner and lipstick. Hubs has amped up my lighting. Early on I looked like I was sitting in a dark corner.

    Jen, I’m coveting that Nancy Drew top just a little. And I say it’s never too early for a little gold glam!

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  4. I love brightly-colored shirts, so I do wear them for my e-ppearances (yes, that is a terrific word, Ellen!). And it they take attention from my face, oh well. And I’m not one for jewelry or makeup, but I do like that my beloved mint-green Bianchi bicycle is in the background! And if you look closely, you’ll also see the row of plastic Breyer horses atop my bookshelf…

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  5. Ooh, Zoom outfits! I’ll be honest, I’m way to busy checking out everyone’s backgrounds to notice what they’re wearing. I opt for one of my signature colors – purple, green, teal – and slap on some makeup.

    I got to watch you in action last night and thought you looked and did great! AND I admired how you positioned your books. The covers looked fantastic. That’s something I always forget to do and castigate myself for after the event.

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    1. Ooh, I need to find my signature color, El.

      Thanks for the support last night at The Back Room. I always make sure to put my books in the background. The only problem is when I have to lift it up and show it to the audience–then I just have a blank spot behind me (and a toppled over book holder).


    2. I need to figure out backgrounds! I work in the bedroom, which has 70s wallpaper on the wall opposing my desk/camera. On the other hand, I do like to see the looks on people’s faces as they try to figure out where the heck I am (on the time continuum, I guess).

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  6. Being a guy, I’ve given this about two seconds of thought. I wear whatever T-Shirt I happen to be wearing. That’s it.

    I will even wear my ratty around the condo shorts because, who is going to see them? And you can’t tell what kind of shape they are in over Zoom if you do see them.

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  7. I LOVE the Nancy Drew shirt, Jen! I’ve only found one place I can reliably zoom in my house, mainly due to lighting, and that’s at my dining room table in front of a royal purple wall. I had an informal zoom the other day and was wearing my purple fleece. I looked like Marie from Breaking Bad! The purple wall is lovely, but the dining room chair can get uncomfortable after a while. For my crossword book e-ppearances I have a fab chiffon crossword puzzle scarf that looks nice against the purple. (I like it so much I wore it for a podcast I did the other day!) I just add a bit of lipstick, some dangly earrings, push the camera as far away as I can, and call it good. I’m sure you look gorgeous and professional no matter what you wear!

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  8. Never too early to wear holiday gold! And ooh, love the jewelry.

    Big surprise: I wear black on Zoom because I wear black everywhere. And it must be true what you’re saying because at a recent event, someone told me before I presented that I looked like “a villain.” 😂

    But you always look fabulous on your events! And so has every Chick on every event I’ve seen so far. xo

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  9. I’ve never thought about what I’m wearing on Zoom, other than to make sure I’ve actually changed into real clothes. I do try to make sure there’s not a huge mess behind me though.

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  10. Love the jewelry and scarves, Jen, and that Nancy Drew shirt is TDF.

    I have a new-ish job where I’m in Zoom meetings at LEAST half the day. My personal lessons: don’t rely on pajama bottoms (I’d already learned that with a telemedicine visit gone wrong, but I like to remind myself) and wear something that feels psychologically comfortable. I found that some of my “cute” tops made me feel…I dunno….restricted? fancy? So I’ve taken to wearing clothes that feel like me. (The me that wears pants, that is.)

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      1. It’s a great idea–unless you think your lower half may be revealed and you’d rather keep that attire under wraps. On the other hand, I know and love many who are embracing work PJs, so more power to all who want to rock ’em!


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