Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

Season’s greetings, beloved readers! We wish you and yours the happiest of happy holiday seasons and a bright New Year. We’ll see you in January – the 4th, to be exact – but thought we’d celebrate the end of a year by revisiting photos from each Chick’s early beginnings – including our newest Chicklet in the nest, Jen!

Leslie Karst

Leslie baby card 2

Ellen Byron

My baby card

Lisa Q. Mathews


Vickie Fee

Season's Greetings!

Cynthia Kuhn

Kathleen Valenti

Santa isn't real

Becky Clark


Jennifer J. Chow

Readers, any plans for the holidays? Let us know below!

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96 thoughts on “Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

  1. Love this…you were all adorable Chicklets!

    No big plans for the holidays here. Most of Ontario and across the river in Gatineau, Quebec is either in COVID lockdown or will be starting on Christmas Day for the next month. Ottawa is the outlier for Canada…our COVID cases declined sharply from October and we are stable. So Ottawans are allowed to celebrate with a few people from outside the household and go shopping, but I won’t do so.

    It’s Dec 18 and we have NO SNOW! Ottawa has expanded our already vast trail network for the winter. Both the snowshoers (me) and x-country skiiers are eager to get out there. Outdoor winter activities are a great way to keep safe during COVID and embrace the long, cold winter. We may even have a rare GREEN X’MAS (ugh).

    So if I could ask Sanra (and Mother Nature) for one wish, I would want a nice dumping of snow this week and cold enough temperatures to make it not melt away.


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    1. Every winter I get the itch to start snowshoeing, but we either don’t get enough snow when I have time to do it, or we have too much and then I don’t wanna. One of these years ….

      Hope your holidays are enjoyable, Grace. I know you’re so ready to get to traveling again!

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      1. Becky,
        I can understand how the winter weather varies from year to year in CO.
        Ottawa is usually more consistently cold, snowy/icy. Normally 8/10 Christmas are white historically. I have lived here since 2014 and I depend on the snowy weather to keep me sane and not hibernate all winter long, lol.
        Toronto has 2/10 White X’mases historically. Just a 6-hour drive away but quite different winter weather.

        And YES, I AM LONGING TO TRAVEL. My planned trips to Sacramento (Bouchercon 2020) and Albuquerque (LCC2021) were cancelled. I am signed up for NOLA 2021 (Bouchercon) but who knows whether the US population will be mostly vaccinated by that time? And a warm winter getaway is still in my dreams…

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      2. Ellen,
        I can’t seem to be able to reply directly below your comment but I hope you see this.

        Thank you, I know that you and other SoCal friends like seeing my travel and home winter photos. When we finally get a big snowstorm and have a nice snowy landscape, I will post it on my FB feed for sure!

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      3. I, too, love seeing all your photos, Grace! (And being here in Hawai’i, I get extra-fun out of reading about winter in Ottawa!) But of course my favs are always your photos of FOOD!

        Happy holidays to you, ma cherie!

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      4. Leslie,
        Of course I will continue to post more of my home cooking/bakingon my FB feed. It’s going to be a long winter and I won’t be going out to eat very often.

        And sure, you can enjoy the Ottawa cold and snow/ice (when it finally comes) from afar. In turn, I will continue to gawk and feel the warm breezes from Hawaii.

        Happy holidays!

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      5. Jennifer,
        I did realize there were so many snow-deprived Chicks here, lol.
        The storm photos and outdoor winter activities (hiking, snowshoeing) will be on my FB feed so you will have to add me as a friend to see them.
        Happy holidays!

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      1. Lisa, we were just out of range of that big Nor’easter. I saw the impressive amounts of snow on the news throughout the NE USA. Some friends told me they got heavy, wet snow (PA) while others got light, fluffy snow that is easier to shovel (CT). Hope you got the latter type!

        Happy holidays!

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      1. Glad to hear you are enjoying my pics, Cynthia. The 7-day forecast now hints we may get a White Christmas (2 cm/1 inch) but so it will look a bit more festive but certainly not enough snow to go snowshoeing.

        Happy holidays!

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  2. Happy Holidays to all of you as well! I love the pictures! You were all adorable!!! Our Christmas will be quiet with just the 2 of us. We will only see each family for a short time as they drop off and pick up their gifts. We will not be having the big family gathering with 12 people stuffed around the dining room table. I will miss the annual grand children group photo, but maybe I can photo shop one. Our oldest grand daughter is 15 and will be helping my husband pick out a tree tomorrow. She is home schooled and has not been near anyone. We will all be masked as she helps us decorate it. That is the ONLY tradition we will be observing this year. Next year we will have a grand affair!
    Wishing you all a safe and Happy Holiday! I will miss reading the blog with my morning coffee, but you all deserve a break. Stay safe and well!

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    1. Carol, it still sounds like a lovely time. And as an oldest granddaughter myself, I can tell you that time spent solo with either of my grandmothers (I never knew my grandfathers) was precious to me. I know your fifteen-year-old will feel the same way. May you have happy, healthy holidays.

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    1. I’d be looking forward to that too except that I have… JURY DUTY!! Yup. Originally I scheduled it for Thanksgiving, knowing that would be a slow week. Tried to get the location changed. Didn’t happen, but they did change the dates – to worse ones! I changed to the Christmas week, so fingers crossed my strategy works this time because I tried it once before and it didn’t. I got called in but luckily didn’t get on a jury.

      Oops, long story. I hope you enjoy your quiet week, Liz!

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    2. All things merry and happy backatcha, Liz! Love that week also. Usually there’s a party at the end of it, but this year I’ll settle for a fancy (takeout) dinner!

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    1. Hear, hear, J.C.! A very happy holiday to you and yours as well. Thanks for hanging out with us here on Chicks–and we’re all aboard for 2021!

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    1. Cheers and happy holidays to you, too, Mark! We love having you join us, and all you do for authors and readers. (And your jokes.) Here’s to ’21!

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  3. These are great pictures. I swear Ellen’s is an exact replica of mine!
    Christmas is my mojo. I’ve been doing Christmas stuff all month, and I won’t stop til Boxing Day!
    I totally enjoy reading this blog. It’s the only one i follow consistently. The chicks have held my hand through some tough times this year, and I truly love all of you for it!
    I hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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    1. Happy holidays to you, too, Ms. Dru! I love these photos also. If only we’d all known each other sooner. I’m not sure any of us have changed that much, lol.


    1. Thank you so much, Pam!! Becky and I will blame the transformation on being dragged to visit Evil Santa. Hope you have a warm and wonderful continued holiday season–and looking forward to “seeing” you in 2021!

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  4. I’m planning to spend plenty of time with coffee, cookies and COZIES as we celebrate this Christmas! All your pictures are just precious! Wishing all of us a very Happy and HEALTHY 2021! Cheers Chicks!

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