Time for a Chick Pic

Cozy readers—and especially Chicks on the Case readers—are some of the most creative folks on the planet so we’re asking you to play Chick Pic with us! Give us a couple of sentences … who is this character? What’s their back story? Victim, murderer, nosy neighbor, innocent suspect? The more ridiculous the better! Each comment can build on the next until we have a fully-fleshed out character. Or if you don’t like the direction the comment thread is going, start a new one. Writing is all about rewriting, after all. Let’s have some wacky creative fun!

(Extra points if you can name the Chick pictured … but remember, the points don’t mean anything—ha!)


28 thoughts on “Time for a Chick Pic

  1. With a family like that, it can only be Ellen Byron. 🙂

    This is the Smith family. Who are they kidding, Smith? They moved in last month. They are all slightly…off. Nosy and not nosy in ways they shouldn’t be. They’re hiding something. Really. What family is really named Smith these days?

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    1. I’m with Liz. Gotta be Ellen.

      The “Smith” say they’re from Philadelphia. Yeah, right. Just like the Coneheads said they were from France.

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  2. I see at least two serial killers in this picture. And one mystery writer who consults them to help with plot ideas. I have to go with Liz and say this is Ellen (in the red coat) and her family.

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  3. The girl in the red coat is a gal who was switched at birth in the hospital and is reality a Russian princess, whose family is determined to place her on the throne. But for now, she’s in hiding (hence the shadow on her face), and her brother (not brother) is displaying her fake birth certificate. The woman in the red dress is smiling at the little girl because she knows the truth, and is about to kidnap the princess and demand ten million rubles in payment for her return.

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  4. “These people. So average. So… mundane. I will escape this dreary place for the excitement and glamour I deserve. And I don’t care who I have to kill to do it.”
    Girl in Sunglasses -who’s identity will be neither confirmed or denied

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  5. This is Ellen and family.

    But I’m thinking most about the woman on the far right. She is clearly going to be the main character detective of the group. She is the only one paying attention to what the kids are up to while everyone else is distracted by the photographer. She will be the one to notice the little clues that wind up solving the case.

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  6. If you look closely at the negative of this photo you’ll see the photobomb girl in back was never actually there. She needed an alibi, so photoshopped herself into the Smith family portrait. Little did she know, the “Smith family” has more skeletons in their closet than an Egyptian burial tomb. Those ransom rubles will buy a lot of secrecy!

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  7. Oh, yes… Ellen!
    The Smiths from Philly- their first family gathering in their new home. It’s moving day, and they rounded up the whole clan. But Dad (Man in the tie) has yet to find the body of his elderly male neighbor (Frank, a widower of 6 years.) Dad finds Frank in the downstairs closet of their new home…but Frank wasn’t there during the final inspection of the house yesterday! And why is the closet lightbulb suddenly out?

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  8. While everyone else is focused on the Russian princess in red, the girl wearing yellow in the middle is making her plans. Note the boy to the far left who is proudly displaying his Covid-19 vaccination card. He has time traveled back to photobomb the “Smiths” of Philly–but also bring the Russian princess back to the future, where she will reward him handsomely. The girl in yellow convinces him that she is the true princess. Only the mysterious young woman in the sunglasses knows the truth…

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    1. Oops, accidentally hit “Post.” Yes, this is my Italian-Jewish family. I’ll let you figure out which is which, ha! I am indeed the bored tween hovering in the BG. I have zero memory of those fab Jackie O shades, but I sure wish I still had them. And my expression is the result of a combination of youthful misery and keeping the camera from capturing the glint of my braces.

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