Guest Chick: Mary Keliikoa

Leslie Karst here, pleased to bring you another fun post from my pal, Mary Keliikoa, author of Denied, the terrific new (released yesterday!) mystery featuring PI Kelley Pruett, sequel to her Lefty, Agatha, and Anthony award-nominated Derailed. And one lucky commenter will win a copy of Denied! Take it away, Mary:

Monday–Fun Day?

Okay – I have a confession to make. I’m one of those people who might actually enjoy Mondays. Not saying that Fridays aren’t welcome because they are for sure. But Monday is among my favorite days for a few reasons.

First, I love beginnings. Think about the first page of a book. Or the opening scene of a movie. If done right, you’re engaged for the rest of the journey. I view Mondays the same way. After a restful weekend, Monday is a new page. Most of the time, it’s a quiet start to a week, full of possibilities, and lists of things I hope to accomplish. The good news is, I haven’t reached the part of the week where I’m losing time and things aren’t getting done. So it’s all happy thoughts!

Second, it sets the tone for things to come for the week. A good Monday bodes well for Tuesday, Wednesday… you get the picture.

Third, most of the time, the world is alive on a Monday. Business is happening. Work mode is in full swing. Communication is buzzing. And I like that. I do enjoy quiet reflective times, of course. And free time to play for certain. But admittedly, I am a bit of a workaholic and I like it when the world is available!

And I’m not the only one who quite possibly has had a good outlook on Mondays. I was surprised to find how many good things happened on that day in history. For instance, Hershey Chocolate Company began manufacturing the Hershey Kiss on 7-1-1907. Who doesn’t love a good kiss?

Mickey Mouse first appeared on 1-13-1930 and the Beatles made their first big screen debut in A Hard Day’s Night on 7-6-1964. But not just fun things happened on that day. The sled dog Balto and his team reached Nome, Alaska on 2-2-1925 with the life-saving serum for the diphtheria epidemic plaguing them. And on 5-17-1954, the US Supreme Court ruled segregation of schools violated the 14th Amendment. Yes, I would say, Monday has a wonderful place in history.

Another person who loves Mondays, equally as much as I do, is my PI Kelly Pruett. She has had her daughter, Mitz, over the weekend, which of course she loves. Time with her daughter clears her mind and recharges her energy. And when Monday rolls around, she’s ready to get going and solve her next case.

Businesses are open. People are out working. Interviews can be easier in that way. She may have to wait until evening so she can follow her suspects home and see a slice of their real life, or what they’re hiding, but she does love the hustle of it all.

Kind of like me.

So you see, Mondays can be all kinds of good.

About Mary: Mary Keliikoa is the author of the Lefty and Agatha award-nominated PI Kelly Pruett mystery series and the upcoming Misty Pines mystery series featuring Sheriff Jax Turner slated for release in September 2022. Her short stories have appeared in Woman’s World and in the anthology Peace, Love and Crime: Crime Fiction Inspired by Music of the ‘60s. A Pacific NW native, she spent a part of her life working around lawyers. Combining her love of legal and books, she creates a twisting mystery where justice prevails.When not in Washington, you can find Mary on the beach in Hawaii where she and her husband recharge. But even under the palm trees and blazing sun, she’s plotting her next murder—novel that is.

About DENIED: A high-risk pregnancy. A dangerous secret. When her case turns deadly, can this investigator avoid racking up a fatal debt?

Despite her injuries, PI Kelly Pruett is eager to get back to work. So when a mommy-to-be hires her to locate her estranged dad, Kelly is thankful for the straightforward missing-persons case. But as she rummages through his trash in search of clues, she uncovers gambling debts to gangsters… and a blood-soaked severed finger.

With her investigation no longer cut-and-dried, Kelly’s hunt takes a deadly turn when her quarry is found driven off a cliff to his doom. And she’ll need more than her cop boyfriend’s help to expose the truth when the mob sends her a cease-and-desist notice with an explosive ending.

Can the determined detective take on the mafia and make it out alive?

Denied is the second book in the gripping Kelly Pruett Mystery series. If you like strong heroines, off-the-charts tension, and breathtaking twists, then you’ll love Mary Keliikoa’s action-packed story.

Readers: Have I convinced you yet? Do you have a favorite day of the week? What do you like about it? One lucky commentator will win a copy of my brand new mystery, Denied!

37 thoughts on “Guest Chick: Mary Keliikoa

  1. I can’t say Mondays have ever been my favorite day of the week, but I can definitely see your point. It is nice to know most businesses are open if you need them. Tuesdays are much better in my opinion though, because there are always so many new books coming out then. Congrats on your new release!

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  2. I would say that Saturday is my favorite day of the week. My husband usually spends more time in the house with me at least in the mornings. And sometimes we watch movies at night. I am disabled and can’t go here, there and everywhere with him unless I’m having a good day. Thank you for this chance at winning your book! pgenest57 at aol dot com

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    1. I know liking Monday is a stretch, lol! That accomplishment thing is big for me, so I’d be in heaven if I had a bullet journal and started seeing my to do list dwindle… hmmm, might need to look into that journal!

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  3. Now that I’m a full-time novelist, one day is the same as the next, that is to say that each day is completely different. Mostly, the events of the day do not depend on the day of the week, and that’s a wonderful and very freeing way to live. I remember how much I used to hate Sunday nights because I knew that it would be Monday morning in a few short hours and I would have to go back to The Bad Place. Now, I never have to do that again. Why oh why didn”t I do this years ago?

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    1. Having that freedom in your life does make a difference! I am also self-employed and completely relate to what you are saying here. I’m glad you are getting to live your best life!! The important thing is you’re living it now!

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  4. Welcome, Mary, and huge congrats on DENIED! I was born on a Monday, so I am generally upbeat about that day. Like Tom, it was the Sunday-night deal that was hard for me when I worked in an office. So much still to be done… Even though I work for myself now, I still have a bit of lingering Sunday dread. Another good thing about Mondays? Monday Night Football! Unless the Pats are losing. My favorite day? Thursday. I wish I could tell you why. I have no idea.

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    1. Thank you, Lisa! Well, I would say Monday is an excellent day based on what you’ve said! Including Monday Night Football, lol. Thursday, interesting choice… maybe knowing Friday and the weekend are around the corner might be the source?

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      1. When I was in college, and also when I lived in NYC, Thursday was the big party night. Now I have nowhere to go, sigh.


  5. Congrats on the new book, Mary, and thank you so much for visiting the Chicks, today!! Since I no longer have a “day gig,” and every day is therefore Saturday in my life, I’d have to say my favorite day of the week is Wednesday, as that’s the day the marvelous food sections appear in our local paper and in the New York Times!

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    1. Thank you so much, Leslie, and I so appreciate your having me on the Chicks today! I like that “everyday is Saturday”! But I could definitely see why Wednesday is your favorite day!!

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  6. Thanks for being on the Chicks today, Mary! I wouldn’t say that Mondays are my favorite (although you make some good points). Mondays tend to swamp me with things and make me feel like I’m already behind. I guess I don’t have a favorite day–or maybe my fun days revolve around spending time with family/friends, getting lost in a novel, and eating great food.

    Congrats on your latest release (and all your awards)!

    P.S. Are those macadamia nut Kisses? Nice!

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    1. Thank you, Jennifer! You make good points too. Having time with family/friends, reading and enjoying good food are high on my list as well!! And why yes they are–straight from Hawaii!! lol

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  7. Sorry, but I am going to stick with Monday. Maybe if I had a job I enjoyed, but I want to do what I want to do. I don’t want a boss telling me what I should be doing.

    And I think you need to double check your research. Mickey Mouse made his debut in November of 1928. Sorry, too big a DisNerd to let that slide.

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  8. I didn’t even know Macadamia nut Kisses existed — you’ve opened my world! Do you also like rainy days, ‘cause there’s a song for that, lol!
    Mary, congrats on the new book! Great to have you visiting with the Chicks today!

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    1. Thank you, Vickie! Macadamia nut kisses are addicting, so be careful, lol! Loving rain would definitely work for that song, but not for me! I’m a sun lover all the way!

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  9. Congratulations! It was nice getting a sneak peek of you and your work. You’re a new to me author. I’m definitely going to buy this book! Favorite day of the week? Well, I’m disabled, so every day is whatever I want it to be. I’m trying my hand at writing again, so I need to work on my time management daily. I’m not very disciplined yet.

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    1. Thank you, Tracy! And yay for writing! It can be difficult to carve out that niche of time and stick to it. But it definitely helps your brain to know its time to work when you do!

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  10. Dear Mary,

    Every day that I wake up is another great day! If you ‘force’ me to pick one, I loved Thursdays when I was still working. Because I worked in DC, I was able to do a compressed schedule which meant Friday was either a day off or a day that had one less work hour scheduled. Yes, you’d think that Friday was, therefore, the best day but no! The anticipation of clearing all my workload for the week and having the enjoyment to look forward to the next day made Thursdays the best day. And, I’m with Leslie that I loved the Thursday special sections of my local paper (the Washington Post). Congratulations and best of luck with your new book launch!

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    1. 100% agree that waking up does make for a great day in and of itself!! And your reasons for loving Thursday sure sound good to me too!! Thank you so much!


  11. Hey, Mary! Congrats on the new release. Hope it does fantastically!

    As far as favorite days, I’m going with Wednesday, like Leslie. I too am a full-time self-employed writer, but I take off Wednesdays. It’s the day I do errands, or go out to lunch with friends, go shopping and such. It’s a nice break after working hard Mon and Tues, and gearing up for Thurs and Fri, and (because I’m self-employed) at least half-day on Sat. Then I take Sun off, and I’m ready again for Monday. But I hear you about that Monday list … such a clean, organized week full of so much possibility!

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    1. Thank you, Becky! And congrats on your new release as well!! Your Wednesdays sound like they are the perfect time for a break! So important to schedule those in when you do work for yourself, or you’d never stop working!

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      1. Right?? There something to be said for that adage about work filling the time you have. If you don’t corral those hours, you just never stop. And even doing something we like to do can take its toll.


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