ICYMI: Cover Reveal

I am not an artistic person. Despite taking a class in college, I still revert to stick figures when drawing people. That’s why it fascinates me to watch cover art unfold. ICYMI, I did a book cover reveal for my third Sassy Cat Mystery, MIMI LEE CRACKS THE CODE, on the fabulous Dru Ann’s blog!

Step one of cover design involves art concepts. Since MIMI LEE CRACKS THE CODE has ties to Catalina Island, I wanted imagery to reflect that. It’s beautiful there (I got the chance to visit a few years back), so I gave the art department these photos:

Rainbow over Catalina Island
Picture of Catalina from patio

While visiting the Catalina Island Museum, I learned about its history. Look at this fun advertisement to visit Catalina. Incorporating vibrant colors like these in my cover might be nice…

Advertisement of Jan Garber at Catalina Island with a couple dancing near palm trees

I also ate some great seafood, but I kept those foodie photos to myself:

platter of fried seafood

How did the cover turn out? Take a look!

cover of MIMI LEE CRACKS THE CODE with Mimi Lee and her cat on Catalina Island under gray skies

Here are some thoughts I had while making and finalizing this cover:

  • I like that Mimi has stepped out of the shadows and into the foreground.
  • Marshmallow has got to have the longest cat tail ever!
  • The background has a nice stormy (aka mysterious) vibe.
  • To my delight, they put in the Casino, one of the iconic buildings on the island.
  • We must have gone back and forth over the colors of the words (title, author name, etc.) at least 3x!

Whaddya think? What grabs your attention here–or on other book covers?

35 thoughts on “ICYMI: Cover Reveal

    1. What a fab cover, Jen! I love Marshmallow’s gorgeous, bright eyes. And the tail length tells me Marshmallow must be part snow leopard, too. 😺

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  1. I love how it captures an old-school vibe, yet is modern at the same time. Those clouds are fabulous! And Mimi’s expression–how she’s looking away, as if truly distracted by something–really adds tension to the cover. Congrats! Can’t wait for the book itself!

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  2. I first saw this cover revealed on Dru’s site–and immediately fell in love with it. The vibrant colors, Mimi in the forefront, the warmth between her and Marshmallow but the us-against-the-outside-forces feel…perfect! I have never seen Catalina, except as the (alleged) location of the Catalina Wine Cooler in the movie Stepbrothers, but this cover definitely makes me want to take a little vacay there with your book, Jen!

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  3. Great looking book cover. It does capture parts of Catalina, which is a great things on a cover. And anyone who doesn’t know Catalina will still get that it is an island whether they get the specifics or not.

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  4. Love it, Jen! The faint whisper of those gray storm clouds in the corner is so cool. It all works for me. Maybe the cat is part yachtsman’s rope. It is an island, after all.

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  5. Saw it first on Dru Ann’s blog and fell in love–it’s gorgeous, Jen! But it’s so interesting to see what you gave them for inspiration that added up to such a beautiful cover. Love how his tail and the clouds sort of mirror each other…and I love that she’s hugging him too. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Kathy!

      On a side note, quiet strength reminds me of the “invisible strength” found in The Joy Luck Club. (That theme is based on a saying from Amy Tan’s mom that has a literal translation involving passing gas. Oh my!)

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  6. Love this, Jen! Knowing that editors don’t always collaborate with authors on covers, it’s cool that they included the casino building from one of your pics — and the storm clouds! Congrats!

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