Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?

Today, the Chicks on the Case share five random things in their respective WIPs (Works in Progress). These may be key to the plot or an obscure bit of back story or sub-plot. But, whatever their part in the story, we hope they stir a little curiosity in our readers, and perhaps, prompt a writing idea or two for our author pals.

Lisa Q. Mathews

  1. A giant, inflatable harp balloon
  2. A can of Leprechaun Lager
  3. Assortment of frizzy-haired fashion dolls (don’t worry, neither children nor pets are harmed in this book!)
  4. A neon shamrock No Vacancy sign
  5. A friendship necklace (the kind with 2 heart halves that fit together)

 Ellen Byron

  1. discovery of crates of wine hidden over one hundred and fifty years ago.
  2. a contested will
  3. a genealogy secret revealed
  4. threat of a hurricane
  5. peacocks! 

Vickie Fee

  1. Family genealogy. Protagonist’s grandmother has always regaled her with stories of their ancestors going back to before the Revolutionary War. Now it seems everything she believed about her family is a lie;
  2. moss dripping from the trees around a mausoleum-like manse;
  3. a surprising murder
  4. complicated mother-daughter relationships; and
  5. a kidnapping?

Leslie Karst

  1. A signed copy of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking;
  2. a much-missed aunt;
  3. an RV;
  4. a broken leg; and
  5. a canary-yellow KitchenAid mixer (and, I should note, ever since I Googled that mixer, they’ve been showing up in my Facebook feed constantly. But since they’re lovely to look at, I don’t mind).

Cynthia Kuhn

  1. Wrought-iron gate, locked.
  2. School crests everywhere.
  3. Secrets and of course lies.
  4. A very old book.
  5. Moonlit lake.


Becky Clark

  1. deck of cards
  2. warped wooden picnic table in the backyard
  3. greasy fast food bag
  4. commemorative ashtray from the Cincinnati Zoo
  5. Polaroid pictures of people covering every square inch of wall space in a dingy apartment

Jennifer Chow

  1. hot pot
  2. cousins
  3. L.A. (I love sharing about lesser-known spots around Los Angeles)
  4. recipes
  5. Thanksgiving


Kathy Valenti

  1. Spencer Tracy
  2. Rosary
  3. Catfish
  4. Video arcade
  5. “Hair” revival


Readers: What tidbits on a book’s back cover copy would excite you or prompt you to pick it up? Authors: Care to share a few elements in your WIP to tease us?

26 thoughts on “Chick Chat: What are the Chicks plotting next?

  1. Shouldn’t be doing this, but since it’s Friday and my computer is acting up again, what the heck.
    I’m imagining I don’t know am author, since that would be cheating.
    Tell me where the story takes place,
    Something quirky about a character,
    What kind of job? Law firm, restaurant, heck yeah. Book seller, advertising, sure? Hospital staff, probably not,
    A hint at something big in the book that makes me say « jest does that mean, »
    A comment from an author who says something about what’s in the book, not « mr. X spins a good tale of horror.

    I know I’m not an author, but these are my five hints at my Nanowrimo project:
    Liquid nicotine
    Christmas trees and Cupid’s bows
    Cheap or extravagant surprises

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  2. Oh, wow. I want to read ALL of these!! Seriously. You all had me at #1. (Though Becky, I am very concerned about the Polaroids of people covering an entire wall of a dingy apartment. Welp. You okay?) Everyone back to your WIPs immediately, because I want to get my hands on them STAT.

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