Time for a Chick Pic!

Cozy readers—and especially Chicks on the Case readers—are some of the most creative folks on the planet so we’re asking you to play Chick Pic with us! Give us a couple of sentences … who are these characters? What’s everyone’s back story? Victim, murderer, nosy neighbor, innocent suspect? The more ridiculous the better! Each comment can build on the next until we have a fully fleshed out cast. Or if you don’t like the direction the comment thread is going, start a new one. Writing is all about rewriting, after all. Let’s have some wacky creative fun!

17 thoughts on “Time for a Chick Pic!

  1. Thomas Bain planned the elimination of the inept KGB operatives, Gus and Frieda Rusk, as they mingled with the young Washington, D.C. senator.

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  2. The man in the white cardigan and black bow tie, however, is on to their dastardly plans, and is trying to attract the attention of the CIA mole over by the buffet table where she’s busy helping herself to a plate of cheese fondue.

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  3. Their CIA handlers, playing the role of drunken part-goers, are chagrined not to have thought of disguising themselves with mustaches. They’re hoping four more dirty martinis will complete their subterfuge, but the waiter is going to ruin everything!

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  4. Natalia fervently hopes that, if she removes the mustache in the powder room and flushes it down the toilet, no one will notice, even though the plumbing dates back to the late Civil War era. It would be a shame for the hotel to be evacuated so early on such a festive evening. But with luck she can ditch Boring Boris and dance the night away with the other CIA agent who been sticking to them like white on rice. There he is, on the other side of Boris, in a clever disguise of his own. Dennis Quaid? Or…(gulp) Randy?

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  5. Why is young Stella, marked by the fresh bruises on her left arm and wearing her mother’s best sateen dress, looking straight into the camera? Quite the brazen one.

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