Chick Chat: Resolutions

Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions! Did you make any this year? If so, how are they going so far? Or…which ones have you broken already?

Lisa Q. Mathews

Well, I might have said something about eating less fat, salt and sugar starting “after the holidays.” And then a huge box of beautiful assorted chocolates arrived from clear across the country, and really…what could I do? I limit myself to 2-ish treats per day, just for the guessing factor, of course. (Hey, it gets a little boring here in NH in January if you’re not a skiier.) The other (*cough*) resolution I made was to be less hard on myself, especially writing-wise. So far so good, I think–and we’re a whole 2 weeks in!

 Ellen Byron

I never make full-on resolutions, but I ALWAYS vow to eat better and drink less. I broke the first vow, week one; the second, week two.

Could this be why instead of losing weight, I only keep gaining it? Hmmm…

Vickie Fee

I haven’t had much luck with resolutions over the years. So, this year I decided to pick a word to be my guidepost for the year —my inspiration word for the year. I’ve seen other people talk about doing this and it sounded vague enough to work for me. It’s now the middle of January and I haven’t picked out a word for 2023 yet. Maybe “procrastination” is my word by default. I also resolved or at least decided to attempt to write 2023 instead of 2022. I haven’t been one-hundred percent successful on that yet, buy I’m making progress. I remembered the date, or at least the year, when I signed in at the doctor’s office yesterday.

Leslie Karst

I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions. I guess it’s because if I want to get something done or change anything about myself, I simply do it–then and there, as soon as I decide whatever it is I want to do.

But the biggest recent change in my daily life is that late last year (no, not at New Year’s) I decided to start working out with weights (have you seen how skinny and weak my arms are?). And so far so good. But then again, it’s only been about three weeks so far. Those of you who come to Left Coast Crime in March can let me know if you notice any difference….

Becky Clark

I don’t make resolutions. I’m fairly goal-oriented regularly, but recently I had to start getting back into my workout routine again. I got out of it because in October, hubs needed an operation so he wasn’t supposed to exercise for a while. Dummy that I am, *I* quit exercising too. Why? I dunno. Solidarity? Regardless, it was a bad decision. I’ve been lifting weights and stretching the last couple of weeks, but when I got back on the treadmill the other morning, I said, “Don’t worry, just do ten minutes. Go easy.” I got off after three. Sigh. On the upside, I have kept my resolution to finish off the leftover fudge.

Jennifer Chow

I’ve stopped doing official resolutions, but I have intentions. Every January, I think my life will refresh and go off swimmingly. Things I hoped would magically get corrected in 2023 (and have clearly not) include:
-Being late to events
(Can I use “traffic” as an excuse every time?)
-Breaking stuff
(Dropped a cute little vase I’d just gotten)
-Getting lost
(Even with turn-by-turn directions!)
-Not sleeping enough
(all in the name of finishing my to-do list for the day)

Readers, drop us a note in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Chick Chat: Resolutions

  1. My only resolve this year is to get healthy and lose some weight. I rejoined a weight loss group, and thought I was doing well. They sent me a free digital scale which came yesterday. Low and behold I gained 7 pounds in one day according to that. I got on the old digital scale and immediately lost 5. Funny thing is I went to the Dr just the day before and was 9 pounds less than the new scale there. I should weigh in at the Dr’s every morning. LOL!
    I am still going to work on losing the weight and eating healthy, but maybe focus on the process more than that new fangled digital thing that is out to get me.

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    1. I stopped making resolutions a few decades ago. It added another layer of pressure to daily life I didn’t want.
      Last October, though, I made a goal to drop 50 pounds. Three months in, I’m down 17. Now the challenge is to keep the momentum going!

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  2. I went on retreat with my church right before the end of the Church’s liturgical year and we were encouraged to name one thing we wanted to let go of. I’m trying to let go of my crushing sense of responsibility – that EVERYTHING is up to me to do or fix.

    It’s a work in progress.

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  3. I won’t do resolutions because I’m an expert at failing.
    Like I can’t exercise right now because the treadmill is buried under all the basement rubble, and walking is the only exercise with a higher ratio of not getting hurt than ending up at the doctors.
    I would like to get more efficient at work, but with everything dumped on me, it ain’t happening this year. Only 6 years till I can retire.
    The one resolution I will do, even though it could result in a failure do to other people’s actions, is to take my writing dream more seriously. I have it on my calendar to send the first round of queries by Valentine’s Day. And while I’m out of town for work these next 2 weeks my goal is to work on changing the sequel manuscript.
    Speaking of that, I better get off here and finish packing. A packing list for 2 weeks of work time is huge! I hope I dont forget anything. If you happen to be in Roanoke VA before the 26th, contact me. I could use a friendly face!

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    1. Two weeks is a long time, Tammy! But I would be happy to go anywhere right now, ha. Just a little change in scenery–we’re about on our 4oth day of snow/rain/snow/rain here.

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  4. Jennifer, you live in LA. Traffic is always a valid excuse.

    I’m bad about sticking to resolutions or decisions to change behavior or anything. So far, I’m not doing so well in 2023 either.

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