CHICK CHAT: Chicks’ Photo Blasts from the Past

“Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby… ” Or kid, or tween, or teen. Or… not???? Today we’re sharing favorite photos from the past. Take a look and let us know if you’d recognize us compared to our younger selves!

Lisa Q. Mathews

This is Little Me on a day trip into the big city (yup, that’s Rockefeller Center). The event is burned into my memory because I spent the entire day with my dad while my mom and college-age sis enjoyed a fashion show tea at the Plaza. Dad and I had coffee at the counter at Chock Full o’ Nuts, ate street hot dogs, and got ice cream at Howard Johnson’s, all with me wearing those darned white tights and, yes, white gloves. I also had to pose for the camera in front of a lot of famous landmarks. But the best part was, we went to FAO Schwarz and my dad told me I could pick out anything I wanted. (Yes, he really said that.) Luckily I did not choose the life-sized James Bond car but a stuffed Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. That’s him in the box. Tigger went to college with me, and I still have him. My dad always said we had a much better day than going to the fashion show show. I have to agree.Lisa.Tigger.NYC

 Ellen Byron

This picture, which looks like it dates back to the dawn of photography at this point, is a personal favorite. I just look so darn happy. My mother says I was a very happy baby in general. That joy in life of course disappeared during my tween and teen years. I’ll pass on showing one of those unflattering photos! baby picture

Cynthia Kuhn

First day of kindergarten–I was so excited to (a) go to school! (b) wear this flower dress that my mom made for me! and (c) ride the bus for the first time ever! Just sitting here on the front porch waiting waiting waiting for the bus to show up.

(If there had been a picture after school, it would have captured how we all were sent home wearing new necklaces with our bus numbers scribbled on enormous cardboard bus pendants. Ha.)

Leslie Karst

Not a kid, tween, or teen; I think I was 22 when this was taken. But just look at that baby face! IMG_0000

Kathleen Valenti

The florals. The face. THE HAIR. As my friend said when this posted to Facebook, “The date is 1991, but you look so 1985.” Truer words, my friends. Truer words.

Becky Clark

I like this frame I put together of hubs, me, and the kids when we were all the same age … two. Hubs was precocious and began driving very early. I think he was on his way to take his SATs here. The only way I was precocious was in getting filthy. Look at that face! Mom probably banished me to the backyard. The picture of Jessica was after her first haircut. Adam was always trying to copy me. The pic of Jeff in the white chair was one of the few genius ideas I ever had. Every week on the day they were born I took a pic of them in that white chair. After the first year we went to monthly on the date they were born. I think it went until they were about five, which was when the photo album (remember those?) was filled up. Each kid got their own album and it’s truly remarkable to flip through those pages. Those photo albums are on my “In Case of Fire” grab-and-go list.2yos

Jennifer Chow

This is one of my favorite pictures with my dad! I was always so happy whenever he took me on a special trip. And what was better than getting to check out a stagecoach? Sadly, the local bank that had this display shut down, so all I have are memories and the photo to remind me of a fun experience. 016_DadHoldingYoungJenStagecoach

Vickie Fee

vickie-2This mural, featuring the Memphis bridge over the Mississippi River, a FedEx plane, and a giant Elvis head, is in the studios of radio station WYPL in Memphis, where I’ve been interviewed a couple of times. (The goof is me.) To be honest, t’s my only picture with Elvis! ElvisMuralVickie Readers, do you recognize us? Have we changed much? Drop us a note in the comments below!

27 thoughts on “CHICK CHAT: Chicks’ Photo Blasts from the Past

  1. I have to say, as a New York kid, Lisa’s pic and day in the city brought back memories. I get up ding everything she mentioned, except buy Tigger.

    I love these wonderful photos. Fellow Chicks, you haven’t changed one bit!

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  2. I love ALL of these! Looking back is always fun. My church is thinking of having a Guess Who event where we all bring baby pictures and then we have to guess who they are.

    Liked by 5 people

  3. My photo albums are absolutely on my “grab in case of fire” list, Becky!

    Love all these photos sooooo much! I know that “chicks” are already youngsters, but these (Chicklet?) photos are so darn cute! And yes, I would have recognized every single one of us. Except perhaps Becky with all that dirt on her face….

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wonderful photos of all of you! Lisa – my aunt bought us stuffed animals from FAO Schwartz when we were kids, large enough to die on while watching TV. I ha a turtle named Yertle, she had a tiger! Becky – I love the photo display of everyone at 2!

    Liked by 2 people

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