Happy Book Birthday to JUSTICE IS SERVED!

Leslie here, and yes, the day has finally arrived—today marks the official release of Justice is Served: A Tale of Scallops, the Law, and Cooking for RBG!

In this true-life Julie and Julia meets Notorious RBG mash-up, former attorney Leslie Karst recounts how finagling her way into hosting an intimate dinner party for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sends her on a journey of culinary discovery—and, ultimately, completely changes her life.

Justice is Served is Karst’s light-hearted, earnest account of the journey this unexpected challenge launched her on—starting with a trip to Paris for culinary inspiration, and ending with the dinner itself. Along the way, she imparts details of Ginsburg’s transformation from a young Jewish girl from Flatbush, Brooklyn, to one of the most celebrated Supreme Court justices in our nation’s history, and shares recipes for the mouthwatering dishes she came up with as she prepared for the big night. A heartfelt story of simultaneously searching for delicious recipes and purpose in life, Justice is Served is an inspiring reminder that it’s never too late to discover—and follow—your deepest passion.

I’m thrilled to say that this new memoir is getting rave reviews, including these:

“The book is a romp from cover to cover–and, just like a great meal, left me ready for more.”

—KAREN SHIMIZU, executive editor of Food & Wine

“Home chefs and Ginsburg fans will find this culinary adventure exquisitely delectable.”


“a suspenseful, exhilarating memoir; Karst relays her determination to serve the “perfect” meal to RBG alongside an uplifting, enlightening portrayal of one of the most admired justices in the history of the Supreme Court.”

—FOREWORD REVIEWS (starred review)

Justice is Served is available at your favorite local bookstore, or you can order it online:


Barnes & Noble


Read more about Justice is Served here. (And if you scroll down to the bottom, you can watch a short video of RBG talking about my late father.)

24 thoughts on “Happy Book Birthday to JUSTICE IS SERVED!

  1. What a great story and photo to boot, Leslie. You and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg look so warmly attuned to each other. Bittersweet, this launch day–packed with stellar reviews that the Supreme Court Justice will never get to read. You help her live on with this memoir. CONGRATULATIONS and thank you.

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      1. I have a friend who can only “read” audio books these days, do you know if/when it will be available? She’s a foodie & mystery lover so I’m sure she’d be interested in your books!

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  2. Leslie,
    Many, many congratulations on this memoir of love for your family and for RBG. I read the ARC and my ‘official’ copy just downloaded this morning. It’s a joyous book about the journey and the joy of your experience. PS – I’ve already used your salad dressing recipe!

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