Steinbeck’s Fictional Swamp Monster

I read an article by Heather Murphy in the New York Times recently about a lost manuscript of John Steinbeck’s. I’m never surprised to find out that famous authors have written other works, but this one piqued my interest because I think of Steinbeck as a very literary writer who explores deep themes in his work. Yet this newly discovered manuscript was a “lighthearted detective … Continue reading Steinbeck’s Fictional Swamp Monster

Becky’s Passion Project

When my dad died in the spring of 2019, I was tasked with dealing with the contents of his four-drawer filing cabinet—the drawers jam-packed with his short stories and speeches dating back to 1947 when he was still in high school. They were also packed with menus he’d stolen from various restaurants over the years. I know what you’re thinking. “But, Becky, restaurants want you … Continue reading Becky’s Passion Project

Crime of Passion

Writers, especially snooty ones, often thump their chest and testify to all who will listen their all-consuming passion for the written word. Specifically, their written words. But I never quite believe them because, in case you haven’t heard me whine about it before, writing is HARD. However, if given the choice between writing and a root canal, I will always choose writing. I will also … Continue reading Crime of Passion

Viva La Frivolous Lawsuit

I saw some funny warning labels recently that made me laugh. They also made me wonder about the lawsuits that surely must have prompted them. on a personal watercraft: “Never use a lit match or open flame to check fuel level.” on an iron-on T-shirt transfer: “Do not iron while wearing shirt.” on a baby stroller featuring a small pouch for storage: “Do not put … Continue reading Viva La Frivolous Lawsuit