Your Book is Making Me Hungry

Dear Authors, While I appreciate you putting mouth-watering food descriptions in your books, I also charge you with making me hungry. Your excellent sensory prose has led to the revival of my sweet tooth, much snacking, and procrasti-baking. My evidence? Exhibit A: Pecan Pralines. I made these after reading Ellen’s Fatal Cajun Festival. Exhibit B: Cinnamon Rolls. These pastries aren’t even typically served at the … Continue reading Your Book is Making Me Hungry

The Power of Imagination

For most people, the holidays call to mind shining lights, steaming mugs of cocoa, gingerbread humanoids, and feasts that call for elastic waistbands. For me, they conjure up the memory of my friend sailing out of our second-story window. Let me explain. A few days after Thanksgiving, my mom left 12-ish-year-old me and my best friend alone for a couple of hours. She instructed us … Continue reading The Power of Imagination

Guest Chick: Vicki Delaney

Kathy here. The Chicks are thrilled to welcome bestselling, prolific (seriously!), and all-around-amazing author Vicki Delany, who’s turning a classic writing axiom on its ear. Take it away, Vicki! Write What You Want to Know There is an old adage: Write what you know. I’ve never agreed with that. Frankly, what most of us know (and thus what we do in our lives) isn’t very … Continue reading Guest Chick: Vicki Delaney

Inspiration Strikes When You Least Expect It…

Whether it’s a chance meeting in an elevator or an unexpected image as you’re walking down the street, inspiration can strike in the weirdest ways. The Chicks share some of the life moments that created fictional ones.  Kellye Garrett I actually got my idea for Hollywood Homicide from a billboard. At the time I was basically broke and trying to figure out the next stage … Continue reading Inspiration Strikes When You Least Expect It…

Guest Chick: Leslie Karst

Lucky us! And lucky you – a recipe and a giveaway. Today guest Chick Leslie Karst, author of the Sally Solari Mysteries, celebrates the launch of MEASURE OF MURDER, the second book in her series, by sharing one of her favorite recipes,  Martini Chicken.  Leslie’s also hosting a giveaway for one hardcover copy of A MEASURE OF MURDER, so make sure you comment on this tasty post.
Continue reading “Guest Chick: Leslie Karst”

I Hated Your Book.

As I scrolled through celebratory messages on my birthday, I noticed  an email forwarded from my website. Usually people getting in touch this way are readers letting me know they enjoyed my books or asking for travel advice on an upcoming Cajun Country vacation. Figuring this email fit into one of those two categories, I opened it. The reader – I’ll call her Betsy – … Continue reading I Hated Your Book.

Chicks Interview: SinC President Diane Vallere

Diane Vallere is a powerhouse. Not only does she write four — that’s right, FOUR — mystery series, she’s served in a variety of volunteer positions, culminating in her current gig as national president of the renown organization, Sisters in Crime. How does Diane do it all, and what tips does she have for fellow authors? Read on…  EB: How on earth do you write four series? … Continue reading Chicks Interview: SinC President Diane Vallere

Gifts from the Writing Gods – that’s you!

One thing I love about writing my series is how someone’s off-the-cuff comment can inspire a subplot or even an entire plot. I’ll give you two examples straight out of my newest release, BODY ON THE BAYOU. (How’s that for a smooth segue into shameless shilling?) When I was mulling over a plot for the second book in my Cajun Country Mystery series – available … Continue reading Gifts from the Writing Gods – that’s you!