Partners in Crime Solving

Ask any mystery author what books she read as a kid, and there’s a 99.79 percent chance she’ll answer, Nancy Drew.  But after everyone else grew up, I was still hanging out—every day—with the intrepid girl detective and her chums.  It was my job, because I was a Nancy Drew book editor. Nancy was the perfect crime solver. Maybe a bit too perfect: uber-intelligent, brave, … Continue reading Partners in Crime Solving

Adventures in Promo Land – Part 1

I promised my fellow Chicks a recap of my first “live” author promo event on Saturday, and since it’s my turn to blog, I thought I’d share my experience with everyone. Maybe it will be helpful to some newbie authors out there, especially those with e-book series. If not, well, there is a cute animal pic at the end. This was the eighteenth New Hampshire … Continue reading Adventures in Promo Land – Part 1

Notes From the Panic Room: Debut. Author. Battles. Clock.

I’ve always secretly shared in that special thrill when a new author officially starts her countdown-to-publication clock. She may not know me, or think anyone’s noticed other than a few Facebook “Likes,” but I’m rooting for her and her first book baby all the way. Yep, I watch those ticking clocks on blogs and websites and Twitter more closely than Jack Bauer and Chloe O’Brian. … Continue reading Notes From the Panic Room: Debut. Author. Battles. Clock.