Guest Chick: Edith Maxwell and #giveaway

The Chicks are thrilled to welcome back renowned mystery author Edith Maxwell (aka/Maddie Day) and help her celebrate a momentous achievement: her twentieth published book! WOW. It’s the second in “Maddie’s” fab Cozy Capers Book Group series, and to mark the occasion, Edith is giving away not one but two books: a copy of book one in the series, Murder on Cape Cod and a … Continue reading Guest Chick: Edith Maxwell and #giveaway

Book Chat: My Fair Latte

There is nothing we Chicks like better than talking about books, and we think that’s true for you, too. So we decided a BOOK CLUB would be fun! Today, we’re talking about Vickie Fee’s new release, MY FAIR LATTE. We’ll kick off the discussion, then we’d love it if you’d join in. Ask questions about the book, or the process, or the research, or anything you’re curious about. We’re always trying to get our books in front of new readers, so invite a friend to visit with us by sharing this post madly in all your forums. The more, the merrier! (If you haven’t read the book yet, you can still participate–and don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers!)   Continue reading “Book Chat: My Fair Latte”

Coffee, Films — and Family

Tomorrow, MY FAIR LATTE, the first book in my Café Cinema Mysteries, will finally be out in the world! If you’ve heard me mention the book (non-stop) the past few months, you already know a little about it: Broke, unemployed barista Halley Greer unexpectedly inherits a timeworn movie theater and reopens it with a coffee bar showing classic films. Opening night’s premiere of “My Fair … Continue reading Coffee, Films — and Family

Guest Chick: Kimberly O’Malley

Ellen here, welcoming Kimberly O’Malley to her first Chicks visit. She shares a touching story of how becoming a mom and an author were intertwined for her. When Writing Becomes Therapy I never meant to be a writer. I mean I was always good at writing; it came easily to me. And that really helped in nursing school, but I never set out to be … Continue reading Guest Chick: Kimberly O’Malley

Guest Chick Sarah Fox: Killer Switcheroo

Hi, Vickie, here. Today the Chicks are thrilled to welcome author Sarah Fox. The cleverly titled, AN ALE OF TWO CITIES, newest in her Literary Pub Mysteries, was released this week! Take it away, Sarah! In the writing world, we often talk about whether we’re plotters or pansters. Some writers like to meticulously outline a book before they write it while others (the pansters) prefer … Continue reading Guest Chick Sarah Fox: Killer Switcheroo

Guest Chick: V.M. Burns

Ellen here! I recently happened upon V.M. Burns Mystery Bookshop Mysteries, and was hooked. V.M. does something that I’m awed by. She writes a mystery within the mystery. Her protagonist Samantha Washington aspires to be a mystery novelist. As she’s solving mysteries in the present, she’s writing her own mysteries, set in 1938 England. I was so intrigued by this feat that I asked V.M. … Continue reading Guest Chick: V.M. Burns

Guest Chick: A.R. Kennedy

Ellen here, and I’m so happy to welcome A.R. Kennedy to her first Chicks post. Don’t miss the darling photos of her doggies! My Writing Companions People often wonder how does a writer write. But a more entertaining question is “Who does a writer write with?” This author writes with these two small pups. They are usually running around my condo. Occasionally, they are sleeping. … Continue reading Guest Chick: A.R. Kennedy

Just a Cupful of Inspiration

Mystery writers often get asked, “Where do your ideas (for books, murders, characters) come from?” This is a question I field at pretty much every presentation and every interview I do. Since doing the cover reveal last week on social media for the new series I have coming out early next year, some people have asked, “Where did you get the idea for this series?” … Continue reading Just a Cupful of Inspiration

Guest Chick: J.C. Kenney

Ellen here, and I’m so happy to welcome J.C. Kenney to the Chicks for the first of what we hope will be many times. J.C. writes The Allie Cobb Mysteries. Do you love cats? Read this flat-out charming post, my friends… Happy Birthday, Maria! Hi, folks! I’m J.C. Kenney, author of The Allie Cobb Mysteries, and I’m so excited to be hanging out with you … Continue reading Guest Chick: J.C. Kenney