Guest Chick: Nancy Cole Silverman

 Ellen here, happy to welcome friend and fellow mystery author Nancy Cole Silverman back to the Chicks. I was thrilled when I discovered that Nancy is a neighbor! We live only a few blocks from each other. We translated proximity into a weekly routine that recently exposed something people might be surprised to learn about me. Read on… TUESDAYS WITH ELLEN Some of you may … Continue reading Guest Chick: Nancy Cole Silverman

Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Much

Who’s the biggest Scaredy-Chick in our murder-mystery-writing flock? That would probably be me, Lisa. But lately, inspired by the launch of Cynthia’s latest title The Spirit in Question, we’ve had a few interesting debates about the existence of ghosts. I happened to casually mention somewhere that I’d once had a close encounter with a poltergeist, and Mariella made me promise I’d give the dirt. So I will tell you the story, if you promise not to think I’m crazy. But no one wants to believe ghosts aren’t real more than me. Trust me on that, at least. Continue reading Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Much