Booktopia – the ALA National Conference

The American Library Association – or as I now like to call it, the Amazing Library Association – hosted its national conference in New Orleans last weekend. Because Sisters in Crime partners with the ALA sub-group, United for Libraries, SinC was offered a seat on the mystery panel.  When SinC asked if I wanted to be put on the list of potential panelists, I jumped … Continue reading Booktopia – the ALA National Conference

Happy 90th, Governor Edwards

Legendary – okay, some would say infamous – Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards turns 90 today. He was the state’s governor when I was in college. He was actually governor when a lot of people were in college, considering that he served four terms and had one of the longest tenures of any governor in American history.   Whatever you think of his politics and corruption … Continue reading Happy 90th, Governor Edwards

The Terror of Book Two

Tomorrow, September 13th, BODY ON THE BAYOU, the second book in my Cajun Country Mystery series, launches. I should be all… But instead, I’m all…   When your debut novel gets published, you’re nervous, but it’s more of a giddy-nervous than an uh-oh-I-better-not-be-a-one-hit-wonder nervous. Everyone is excited for you. Family and friends buy your book just to show their support. There are contests specifically devoted … Continue reading The Terror of Book Two

A Telemarketer Gave Me a Character

I was getting ready for work this morning when I got a telephone call. In a hurry, I didn’t check Caller ID. Here’s the conversation: Me: Hello? Woman on the other end: Ellen?(Tinkly laugh) Hi, wow, you’re harder to reach than the last cookie in the cookie jar. Me: (Confused) Who is this? Woman: Oh, it’s Jenny and I’m calling from the  – Me: CLICK! … Continue reading A Telemarketer Gave Me a Character

Magnolia Marie Doucet, Vampire Slayer?

On a recent trip to Louisiana, I toured several plantations and saw some fascinating nineteenth century artifacts. There was a flycatcher that lured flies with a mixture of sugar and arsenic. (Why-oh-why didn’t I know about this before I used arsenic as a murder weapon in my debut mystery, Plantation Shudders?) A parlor in Houmas House featured extraordinary tapestries that took Ursuline nun novitiates years … Continue reading Magnolia Marie Doucet, Vampire Slayer?

College Chicks: Let’s hear it for our alma maters!


It’s September, that special time of year when parents pack their children off to school and college freshmen get to enjoy their first taste of freedom. In honor of Back to School, the Chicks are talking about their alma maters—and in the spirit of group projects everywhere, we hope you’ll share yours as well! (Extra credit if you have a funny story about your mascot.)
Continue reading “College Chicks: Let’s hear it for our alma maters!”