The Terror of Book Two

Tomorrow, September 13th, BODY ON THE BAYOU, the second book in my Cajun Country Mystery series, launches. I should be all… But instead, I’m all…   When your debut novel gets published, you’re nervous, but it’s more of a giddy-nervous than an uh-oh-I-better-not-be-a-one-hit-wonder nervous. Everyone is excited for you. Family and friends buy your book just to show their support. There are contests specifically devoted … Continue reading The Terror of Book Two

What’s your favorite story about Louisiana?

This week, we’re celebrating the release of Ellen’s Cajun Country debut novel, PLANTATION SHUDDERS.  In honor of the new mystery series, which critics describe as a “brilliant book that takes us to Louisiana,” we’re sharing our favorite stories about the Pelican State. Don’t forget to share your own Louisiana stories in the comments section.

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