The Protagonist Trap: Our Sleuths Trade Places

So what if our sleuths went off on vacay (hey, even fictional detectives deserve a break every now and then) and left another character in charge of their cases? It’s Freaky Friday at Chicks on the Case–read on to find out who’s saying, “I’m the crime solver now!”

  Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloons

Hmm. It’s really hard for me to imagine another character in The Ladies Smythe & Westin series taking over for Summer and Dorothy. There’s Dorothy’s nemesis Gladys Rumway, of course. Readers wouldn’t have to worry about missing out on any clues, because she’d megaphone every detail of her investigative prowess to infinity and beyond. And then there’s my fellow Chicks’ top pick, precocious six-year-old and honorary Lady, Juliette-Margot. But even though she’s très astute, she might be a little young to deal with murder. I’m going to nominate Jennifer Margolis, the long-suffering young Resident Services manager at Hibiscus Pointe. She has top-notch diplomatic and problem solving skills, and always tries her best to keep things under control. Problem: Finding dead bodies literally nauseates her. So Ladies, unbook that R&R cruise. You’re needed to help book killers back in Milano, Florida ASAP!

Kellye Garrett


Like Lisa, I feel like there are so many potential (and actual) crime solvers among my core group of characters. In Hollywood Homicide, Dayna Anderson witnesses the hit-and-run and decides to solve the who-dun-it in an attempt to get the $15,000 reward money and ensure her family doesn’t lose her childhood home. I could see it being told from the POV of her nemesis, a former-cop-turned-vigilante-P.I. But he’s probably way too uptight to master the sarcastic tone that makes so many P.I. novels great. So I’m going to choose Dayna’s best friend Sienna, who wants nothing more than to be famous for being famous. In fact, she’s attempting to set a world record for only wearing red. Of course, Sienna wouldn’t want just a book. She’d want her own reality show!! The cameras would follow her as she attempts to solve crimes in thirty minutes of less—and look great while doing so.

Ellen Byron


The obvious choice in my book would be actual law enforcement officials like my protagonist Maggie’s boyfriend, Bo Durand. But I’m going to give his hunky self a break. Bo, chere, put on a white tee shirt, go to the gym, and work out until your lean bod glistens with a sweaty sheen. Maggie’s grandmother, Grandmere, is on the case. Well, after a couple of Sazeracs. And some socializing with the Crozat Plantation B&B guests. And perhaps another Sazerac. And a chatty blog post on the B&B’s website. And a game of poker with a few friends who live nearby at the assisted living facility. And you can’t play poker without a spread of Cajun delicacies, some industrial-strength gossiping, and… another Sazerac.

Uh, Bo… you done bench-pressing yet?



Have any of your favorite characters ever traded places–or you wished they could? Let us know in the comments section below!

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