Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

Jennifer here. A warm welcome to Michelle! Read on for her inspiring words about pursuing your passions! Indulge Your Passions Recently I read “Rat,” a short story by Stephen King, about a professor who is obsessed with completing a novel. The professor’s first serious attempt at writing resulted in him suffering a mental breakdown. Although the negative impact of this attempt scarred him and his … Continue reading Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

The Patient Writer

I recently relocated a beloved piece of art from one area of my home to a different and more prime location: my Zoom backdrop. I love the brushwork of the golden calligraphy. The main framed Chinese character means “patience.” Ironically, this trait is what I’ve lately needed in my life. As I reflect on my own writing journey and author’s life, I realize I’ve had … Continue reading The Patient Writer

Chasing Amy March

Whether you’ve already seen Greta Gerwig’s new Little Women movie, or you’re still planning to, I promise: No real spoilers here. Of course, the book has been out for about a century and a half, there have been multiple previous film versions, and if you weren’t exposed to the general storyline through those, you probably saw the Friends episode where Rachel spills the beans about one sister’s fate to a devastated Joey. Continue reading Chasing Amy March