Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

Jennifer here. A warm welcome to Michelle! Read on for her inspiring words about pursuing your passions!

Indulge Your Passions

Recently I read “Rat,” a short story by Stephen King, about a professor who is obsessed with completing a novel. The professor’s first serious attempt at writing resulted in him suffering a mental breakdown. Although the negative impact of this attempt scarred him and his family, he determines to make another effort after being struck with a unique story idea. In “Rat,” the professor mentions how he receives inspiration. “And there was always a chain of associations he could trace back to something he’d seen or heard: a real-world flash point.”

For me, creative story ideas occur during the most ordinary of circumstances, while driving, cooking, or gardening. Like many authors, I’ve written for years. But not until I became an empty nester did I pursue publishing. It took a year of research—and querying—before I chose the self-publishing pathway. Leaving clinical medicine provided me with the emotional bandwidth required for the endeavor.

In my Write Club Mysteries series, Dr. Myaisha Douglas–the protagonist—is a widowed, empty nester. Curiously, she finds herself at the center of several intimate mysteries. As a moth drawn to a flame, she attracts crime—and danger. In fact, in the latest series edition, Murder In Gemini, this inclination adversely affects her relationships. As an intelligent woman, she recognizes the imprudence of her actions. However, she cannot let a mystery go unsolved. It’s like having a complicated medical patient. She relentlessly searches for a solution committed to helping those in need.

Life is a dynamic, vacillating state of existence. Occasionally, elements of the universe coalesce, placing us in an opportune situation to realize our dreams. Last year was a cyclone of change. I accomplished a bucket list goal of publishing a novel. Like my protagonist, Dr. Douglas, once committed to an action, I must complete it. The decision to self-publish required much consideration and contemplation. Becoming a published author entails more than writing your story. Ancillary projects such as queries, synopsis, advertisements, blog posts, and back matter for books occupy a significant amount of an author’s time.

But I’m drawn to sharing stories and now have the optimal opportunity to indulge this passion. The tumult of 2022 provided a foundation for my next mystery novel, Murder In Gemini.

What are your goals, passions, or desires? Have you considered what it takes to accomplish them? Stay attuned to your world and optimize any chance to broaden your horizons. Opportunities are fleeting. Don’t miss out and keep writing.

About Michelle:

Born in Illinois, as a military dependent, Michelle moved between San Diego, California and Charleston, South Carolina. She enrolled at the University of California Santa Cruz before attending Michigan State University where she completed a Pediatric residency program. After over twenty years in clinical medicine, Michelle now works as a medical consultant. As a member of Crime Writers of Color, Sisters in Crime and Capitol Crimes, her writing interests cover many genres—mystery, paranormal, and thrillers. If not writing, you can find her outside gardening or bicycling.

About Murder in Gemini:

When she’s not busy practicing medicine, Dr. Myaisha Douglas writes mysteries. She’d like to devote more time to her personal relationships, but murder intervenes. The twin sister of a Greensboro Women of Color Writing Group member dies suddenly. Myaisha suspects murder. Her writing group investigates the homicide, hoping to publish a true crime story.

But the investigation becomes deadly when Myaisha uncovers an important secret behind a necklace. While juggling a romantic affair, she pursues the case. With the police prepared to arrest her friend, Myaisha enlists the help of the Greensboro Women of Color Writing Group to solve the crime before a third murder occurs.


Twitter: michelle (@MichelleCorbier) / Twitter

TikTok: @MrsDoctorWrites



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23 thoughts on “Guest Chick: Michelle Corbier

  1. Great post, Michelle. It stirred reflections of my own on how my real-life experiences and moments make up much of the skeleton and even sinew of my own tales. And I am a big fan of books that intermingle mystery and romance. Best of luck with Murder in Gemini!
    PS: Your title niggles my curiosity niggles… ‘Gemini’ as in astrology?

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    1. Thank you, Pamela. I agree. Romance and mystery are a great combination. If you have any favorites, please share them. Take care.


  2. Thanks for the review, Jennifer. Kudos on pursuing your dreams, Michelle. To achieve a life balance, I treat goals as servants, not my master. Like true north, I set a priority goal to guide strategically while attending to all the tactical aspects of the day. I put aside even the chief goal for what matters most—people!

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  3. Thanks for being with us today, Michelle! Love how you were able to turn your passion into your newest book–congrats!

    (Yes, it can be a long journey from writing to publishing. Perseverance is definitely a helpful trait to have, and I’m glad you stayed on course!)

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  4. Wonderful to have more mysteries with a doctor as the protagonist – especially a woman. (I was a huge Robin Cook fan.) And even more wonderful you write from experience being in the medical profession! I love the protagonist’s name Myaisha. How did you choose it? Does it have some personal significance, like a family name?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Stevie Wonder’s song Isn’t she lovely. His daughter’s name is Aisha (unsure about spelling), which means life. I added my and created Myaisha.

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  5. Michelle, thank you so much for visiting us here on Chicks today–Murder in Gemini sounds amazing. Love the twin angle and the book club. Big congrats, and wishing you every success with this and each new book. Keep ’em coming!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Welcome, Michelle and congratulations! I’m another who gets ideas randomly – it the most unlikely places sometimes. Although it seems a lot of them come to me in the shower or as I’m just waking up in the morning. LOL

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