From Boats Finds a House to Miss Marple Finds a Body

I know many of the readers of this blog would point to something such as the Nancy Drew or Encyclopedia Brown series as their early loves, but the first book I remember truly adoring as a child is Boats Finds a House, by Mary Chalmers. It’s a picture book about a cat who’s retired from working as a mouser and ratter on a sailing ship, … Continue reading From Boats Finds a House to Miss Marple Finds a Body

Guest Chick: Julie Mulhern

Welcome, guest Chick Julie Mulhern! Julie writes the oh-so-fun and witty Country Club Murders for Henery Press. She joins us today to talk about her happy childhood (yes, they actually exist) and how it inspired her series. Happy Childhoods, Lack of Angst, and Murder I had an idyllic childhood. There, I said it. Mine was a childhood filled with horses, and tennis, and a happy … Continue reading Guest Chick: Julie Mulhern

Malice Bound! Or Unbound???

On Thursday, I take off for the Malice Domestic mystery convention. Four years ago, I didn’t know what the h-e-double hockey sticks Malice was. This year, I’m a nominee and a mentor – along with author Susan Van Kirk – to some poor, unsuspecting author. (Hi, Mary Feliz!) As my mother would say, “Go figure.” Now that I’ve discovered mystery conventions, I’ve been traveling so … Continue reading Malice Bound! Or Unbound???

I Hated Your Book.

As I scrolled through celebratory messages on my birthday, I noticed  an email forwarded from my website. Usually people getting in touch this way are readers letting me know they enjoyed my books or asking for travel advice on an upcoming Cajun Country vacation. Figuring this email fit into one of those two categories, I opened it. The reader – I’ll call her Betsy – … Continue reading I Hated Your Book.

Chicks Interview: SinC President Diane Vallere

Diane Vallere is a powerhouse. Not only does she write four — that’s right, FOUR — mystery series, she’s served in a variety of volunteer positions, culminating in her current gig as national president of the renown organization, Sisters in Crime. How does Diane do it all, and what tips does she have for fellow authors? Read on…  EB: How on earth do you write four series? … Continue reading Chicks Interview: SinC President Diane Vallere

Are cozy mysteries modern fairy tales?

For my sixteen-year-old daughter and me, the TV show Once Upon a Time is appointment viewing. (To be honest, we both have a crush on Hook, aka Guyliner. He’s so cute!!!!) As we watched the show a few weeks ago, it occurred to me that cozy mysteries have a lot in common with fairy tales. In both, the hero or heroine’s mission is to  identify … Continue reading Are cozy mysteries modern fairy tales?

Gifts from the Writing Gods – that’s you!

One thing I love about writing my series is how someone’s off-the-cuff comment can inspire a subplot or even an entire plot. I’ll give you two examples straight out of my newest release, BODY ON THE BAYOU. (How’s that for a smooth segue into shameless shilling?) When I was mulling over a plot for the second book in my Cajun Country Mystery series – available … Continue reading Gifts from the Writing Gods – that’s you!

So many author friends, so little time.

A wonderful  benefit of becoming a mystery writer is that you’re exposed to new books in your favorite genre all the time.  You meet so many other authors, talented men and women who write books you really want to read. And so you buy them. And buy them. And buy them. And your TBR pile grows. And grows. And grows. (TBR means Too Be Read. … Continue reading So many author friends, so little time.