Sofa Surfing USA

I’m wrapping up my “Sofa-Surfing Book Tour” for One Fete in the Grave, the latest in the Liv & Di in Dixie mystery series. First thing in the morning, hubs and I hit the road heading home to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The trip has taken us southward through Chicago and St. Louis to Memphis, road-tripping and crashing with friends and family along the way. It’s been a blast!

I had a joint signing in Oak Park, just outside Chicago, with awesome author Julia Buckley; a signing in Fenton, Missouri, a St. Louis suburb, with fab cozy author Stephanie Blackmoore; a solo signing in the Memphis suburb of Collierville; and a radio interview in Memphis.

I’ve been posting to Facebook about the events, or the “book tour” part of the equation. Today I wanted to highlight the “sofa-surfing” part of the equation—our marvelous hosts on this trip.


Alyson and Mike, who reside in the cool Andersonville neighborhood in Chicago: Comfy sofa, witty and dazzling conversations, excellent pizza


Kathy and Art, who run the Brick Inn Bed and Breakfast in Washington, Missouri: Experts on area attractions, fabulous breakfast, no sofa to surf here because they have, you know, a bed and breakfast


My mama, Jean, to whom One Fete in the Grave is dedicated, lives northwest of Memphis: Standing invitation, home-cooked meals, tells people her daughter is a famous author (one of those famous authors you’ve never heard of), always cries when I leave


Kevin and Keith (appearing with Mac Daddy, Charlie and Clarabelle): Million-dollar smiles, back-yard paradise with pool and gazebo, visits always make us wish we lived closer

A special shout out to my traveling companion, my husband John: driver, sherpa, photographer, promoter, fan, and first reader of every incarnation of every manuscript I’ve ever written —and he still puts up with me!

Tell us about your favorite road trip in the comments.



20 thoughts on “Sofa Surfing USA

  1. Love this! The warmth of these people comes through in the photos. Even the couch’s. BTW, since my husband is from St. Louis – go, Cards! – I know the area a bit and have actually been to Washington. It’s beautiful. Great tour for a great book!

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  2. I think you may have missed your true profession, Vickie (or at least your second or third one). These photos are WONDERFUL! Composition, color, pattern and texture, and of course the fabulous subjects! Sounds like a terrific tour–and book!

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  3. How fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures so we can live vicariously through your fun! I love a good roadtrip. I moved my best friend from Texas to California — and then back again many years later. We stayed at the Wigwam Motel in Arizona, sang loudly, took lots of silly pictures, and ate lots of junk food. Still one of my fondest vacation memories!

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    1. Sounds like a great trip, Marla! My sister and I also sing on road trips — when the guys aren’t in the car to protest!


  4. I adore your pictures, Vickie – especially the one of your mom’s couch – hilarious! We drove cross country with the kids when my husband retired from the Coast Guard. So many interesting things happened on that trip – buffalo blocking traffic, the roadside attractions, reading to the kids across South Dakota (this was before all these wonderful devices that let kids entertain themselves). Good memories, just like the ones you’ve made on your trip 🙂

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  5. Thanks, Shari, good memories, for sure! Roadside attractions – ball of twine, giant Ketchup bottle? Love the buffalo!


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