Name that Chick!

Look what we’ve been hatching: a new logo! Introducing…. well, gosh, we actually don’t have a name for her yet. And that’s where you come in!


We’re looking for your best names for our new Chick. You’ll not only get bragging rights, but you’ll also get swag! Whoever comes up with the winning name will receive a Chicks tee-shirt, a tote bag, and our eternal thanks.


Add your suggestions to the comments below between now and next Wednesday, June 28. The winner will be announced next Friday.


Let the naming begin!







127 thoughts on “Name that Chick!

    1. Nice! Did you ever eat chicklets when you were younger or was that just me? I also used to love the gum that came all attached and wrapped in a circle. (I’m explaining it horribly.) I liked it b/c I could have as much gum as I wanted. Thanks for the suggestion.


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