You Named that Chick: Our Contest Winner!


When we asked you guys for help naming the adorable new logo that Marla created for us, we knew it would be hard to choose. We didn’t realize how hard though. You guys had the most amazing suggestions.

But as much as we wanted to, we couldn’t call her Zelda Athena Phoebe Miss Terry Chickadee Christie Miss Cheep McVelk Ms. Peep Chicklet Tuppence Ariadne CeCe Sydney Miss Dixie Miss Cozy Sleuth Cozy Chickadee HENrietta Très-Chic, Ms. Coco Miss Casey Chicklit Miss Chickle Jane Chikleson Chicklock Holmes Buttercup Toot Sweet Small Fry Dickens Sprout Squirt Chlue Bella Beatrice Chickita Jessie Shirley Locke Fern Radiant Pearl Pixie Chick Marple Tinkerbell Fanny Chickorita Chickpea Rebecca Patty Peep.

We had to pick just one! We were so excited about naming our new chick that Vickie wrote a poem about it to the tune of Eleanor Rigby by the Beatles:

Ah look at all the lovely entries
Ah look at all the lovely entries
Eggatha Chickstie, picked up a name
On the blog where a contest was held
Now we can tell
Waits at the home screen, sporting a beak
That she wears on the face we adore
Who won the award?
We can’t thank Teresa Danner Kander enough for naming our Eggatha! As the winner, Teresa will be receiving this amazing tee-shirt and tote bag that Ellen made especially for our winner! It’s a first-edition, one-of-a-kind!

Thanks again to everyone who entered!

20 thoughts on “You Named that Chick: Our Contest Winner!

  1. Yay, Teresa! Thank you for naming our little chicklet (chicklit?). And thanks to everyone for offering such amazing candidates. I predict there will be more fun and games ahead at Chicks on the Case to win Eggatha swag!


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