Coffee Day, No Housework Day — What’s On Your Calendar?

Most of you may not know (or care), but tomorrow is a banner day for mostly made-up days to celebrate!

Here’s a rundown: Tomorrow (January 18) is National Thesaurus Day! Pick a word, any word. It’s National Peking Duck Day! Get Chinese take-out for dinner. It’s National Michigan Day! Raise your hand if you live on the mitten (or above the mitten in the Upper Peninsula, like I do). And, it’s also National Winnie the Pooh Day! Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

source: pexels

These national or international “days” pop up in the Facebook feed…well, daily. In addition to the traditional holidays and serious observances, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Day (Oct. 20), there are all these seemingly random days—National Umbrella Day (Feb. 10), for instance. (How do you celebrate if it’s just overcast that day)?

While some of these special days strike a chord with me more than others—like Chocolate Cake Day on Jan 27! In the spirit of carpe diem, I say, “Why not?” If it makes us smile, gives us an excuse to party, or gives us something fun to post on Facebook, I’m all for it.

I should mention, not all the websites that list “days” agree. But they tend to agree on the important ones, such as Chocolate Cake Day, on the three different sites I checked. The same is true for Pizza Day, Feb. 9. But feel to check a higher authority, like Wikipedia.

source: pexels

Here are some observances you may want to add to your calendar:

Today (Jan. 17) is Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day. But I already celebrated that one on Jan. 2. So instead, today I’m quietly celebrating Hot Buttered Rum Day.

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is Feb 3. (Shouldn’t this one happen in the summer)?

Feb. 20 is National Handcuff Day. Proceed with caution.

Oct. 4 is Taco Day!

August 18 is Serendipity Day. (If you make plans for it, is it really serendipity)?

National Sleep Day is March 16. I can definitely get behind this one. It’s also Panda Day. (Bit of trivia: Pandas sleep up to 20 hours a day).

April 16 is Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day. Since I’m a writer who works from home, every day can be pajama day for me. Although, I get fancy and throw on a cardigan for the FedEx guy at my door.

I’ve already marked these “Don’t Miss” days on my calendar: Wine Day—May 25. Chicken Dance Day—May 14. National Chocolate Day—July 7.

An important one for me: Coffee Day is Oct. 1! (It’s also World Vegetarian Day, for those who celebrate).

Sept. 24—Punctuation Day. Let’s change this one to Proper Use of Apostrophes Day and share it on Facebook. (Should I have put an apostrophe in the word apostrophe?)

April 7 is No Housework Day. I celebrate this one several times a year.

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is Aug. 4. Although I saw one site listing it as May 15 this year. (Better celebrate both, just to be safe).

Sept. 18 is Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day. I’m expanding this to include mystery writers. National Hugging Day is Jan. 21, so writers and everyone else can join the huddle.

But back to National Thesaurus Day. Peter Mark Roget published his dictionary of synonyms in 1852—and it’s never been out of print! Tip for writing a bestseller: Use all the words.

When is Chicks on the Case Day? Thanks for asking! We do individual posts on Mondays and every other Wednesday. Guest posts on alternating Wednesdays. The Chicks jam together on group posts every Friday. And new in 2018: Chicks will feature interviews with some of our fave bloggers one Thursday a month. Join us!

Where do you stand on mostly made-up days of observance? Do you have random days you celebrate? Would you get behind a petition to make one of these days a national holiday, such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Day? Share in the comments.

18 thoughts on “Coffee Day, No Housework Day — What’s On Your Calendar?

  1. Hilarious! And I love the graphics. I of course immediately gravitated to National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, which is why I’ve been gaining and losing the same two pounds at WW for the last four years. So I’ll stick to Thesaurus Day.

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    1. Thanks, Ellen! You’ve been so diligent with your writing, you absolutely deserve a cookie. In fact, I’m creating a new day — Hit Your Word Count, Get a Cookie Day!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Nationwide Celebration of the Book of Words That are the Same!! And I’ll be sure to put August 18 — Serendipity Day — on my calendar. P.S. One of the first things Tim said to me upon waking is “Tomorrow is National Thesaurus Day.” I didn’t realize he was talking about your post until just now! 🙂

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  3. I love these random celebrations. Like you say, they make me smile.

    Although I still have some of the root beer I bought for Root Beer Float day last summer. The ice cream is long gone, of course. Shows you which I like more.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Hi Chicks! No Housework Day is one holiday I go all-out for! Way back in the mists of time, at the library we had a book called Chase’s Calendar of Events that listed all the holidays, historical anniversaries, etc. It was great. I wonder if they’re still around. In the meantime, I’ll go back to celebrating Working in my PJs Day.

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  5. So many festivals–and I had no idea I was already celebrating most of them. (I assume there’s no Brussel Sprouts Appreciation Day, with very good reason.) I have to say, though, that no-housework one may be my favorite. In general, every day for me is Fight Entropy Day.

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    1. Lisa, I just had to look it up. There actually IS an Eat Brussels Sprouts Day! It’s Jan. 31, which is also Scotch Tape Day and National Hot Chocolate Day. I think I know which one we’ll both be celebrating!

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