Friday Fun Facts

Get to know the Chicks better with another round of Friday Fun Facts — a cornucopia of fun but useless information that we felt compelled to share. Find out what we’re reading, eating, regretting, or looking forward to, then share some fun facts of your own in the comments below!


Kellye Garrett


Weirdest obsession: My all-time favorite frozen pizza was Freschetta Thin Crust Cheese Pizza. I used to eat it at least once a week. And wouldn’t you know that they discontinued it. However, because I’m in denial, every time I go to a grocery store, I go to the frozen food aisle to see if they inexplicably have one. Like maybe it’s been hiding in the back of the freezer since 2014.

Last movie I saw in theaters: Black Panther! I’d have my black card revoked if I didn’t see that movie.

I was named after: Although I have the same name as a Jaclyn Smith’s character in Charlie’s Angels, I was not named after her. I was named in spite of her. My mom just liked the name Kelly. My dad claims he wanted to name me Ernesta but luckily they compromised and  put an E at the end of Kelly.

Last book I read: I’m actually doing line edits for Hollywood Ending. I always think I’ll get them done in a few days and then end up taking forever.

What I’m most looking forward to this summer: My best friends and I are all turning the big 4-0 this year. We have been trying to have a yearly Girls Trip each year but skipped last year. So we’re making up for it in 2018 over Fourth of July weekend.

Cynthia Kuhn


Recent film viewing: Re-watched Lost Boys for a course I’m teaching. My oldest son and I laughed at a lot of things, including when Corey Haim is trying to prove the existence of vampires to his mom (Dianne Weist) by showing her his sweater. Maybe Lila #4 could be called The Evidence on My Sweater. Ha.

Shoes that I still miss every day: Platform sandals from Roots AND my monk-strap Doc Martens clogs. Have never been able to find a replacement for either, and believe me, I look.

Preferred bookmarks:  The ones that have a tassel at the top because it keeps them magically anchored if you tuck them into the back of the book while reading. If I try to use one without a tassel, it constantly falls out. (Yes, I could set it down on the nightstand. But that’s not my system.)

Last read: Becky Clark’s Fiction Can Be Murder, which I read in manuscript but this is the final version. Annnnnnnnd it’s even more hilarious. Highly recommended.

New favorite show: Killing Eve. Sandra Oh is terrific as Eve, pitted against an assassin named Villanelle (love her name: a villanelle is a type of poem, but when pronounced aloud, you can hear “villain” in it too!), played by Jodie Comer. Tiny glimpse > Eve shows up late and gets the side-eye for eating her croissant in a meeting, but then her boss said, “Give me the rest of that [points to her croissant] or I’ll fire you.” Killing Eve is already right up there with Sherlock and Orphan Black on my faves list.

 Marla Cooper

CotC Marla Cooper

What I’m looking forward to: Next week I’m going to Austin where I’m going to check out a certain haunted mansion and drink lots of margaritas.

Last book I read: TEN, by Gretchen McNeil — a YA horror novel based on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

What I wish I had more time for: Making art! I have a table all set up for it, plus an accumulation of supplies that I’ve been hoarding for years. (In all fairness, it might not be a time issue so much as a “not wanting to have bad art lying around” issue.)

Favorite Broadway musical: The Drowsy Chaperone. Never seen it? That’s okay, let me know next time you see me and I’ll sing you the ENTIRE THING.

Who I want to come back as in my next life: One of my cats, because seriously, they are so spoiled.

Vickie Fee


Latest TV obsession: The Crown. I was late coming to this show, but recently binge-watched the first two seasons. Love it SO much, it had me humming “God Save the Queen.” I just read that Season 3 won’t air until sometime next year. Now I’m royally bummed.

Candy-coated congratulations: Twice in my six-year career at Brookmeade Elementary School, the principal gave me a box of candy. Peanut brittle, to be precise. Once when I won the school-wide spelling bee, and once when I won a national essay contest for my age category. The handful of other times I spent time in the principal’s office were not to receive congratulations.

Designated driver: I failed my driver’s license test – twice. I failed the written portion and had to retake. Then I failed the driving portion. ALLEGEDLY, I ran a stop sign.

Currently reading: The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty. If you haven’t read this author, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of one of her books!

Pea-brained cook: As a new bride I made a pasta recipe I thought would impress my husband. He had made the grocery-store run for the ingredients. So as we were eating dinner, he said, “Why didn’t you use the snowpeas?” “I did,” I said as I raked my fork through the noodles to point out a tiny green fleck. I had shelled them. He’s never let me live that down. (I’m Southern, I grew up with peas of the shelled variety, OK?)

 Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloons

Latest Instagram obsessions: Jennifer Garner’s fake cooking show (my kind of chef!) and those adorably tiny, genetically-micro-engineered tea cup puppies @rollyteacuppuppies #ResistanceIsFutile

Favorite place to write: A semi-crowded coffee shop, where I can have instant access to overpriced caffeine (plain iced tea with extra ice), eavesdrop on weird conversations, and not have to decide on background music.

Latest Netflix show I binge-watched: Ozark. Wowza! Who knew money laundering in the boonies could be so sexy? Highly recommended. Not just because Justin Bateman, I swear. So many twists I didn’t see coming.

Favorite pick-up line I got in the 90s: “Hey, congrats on winning the Oscar last night for Shakespeare in Love.” (I was already married, sigh. But I thanked him anyway for making my evening.)

Favorite advertiser email pick-up line I can’t resist: “We Have New Shoes in Size 8 – That’s Your Size!”

Ellen Byron


Animal I wanted as a pet growing up: An elephant.

Musician crush: Jack White.

College sorority: Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Birth name: Ellen Seideman. I changed it when I was acting because I got tired of it being misspelled and mispronounced. “Byron” was my dad’s middle name.

Annoying fact about both my birth name and pen name: There’s a writer/editor named Ellen Seideman. And there’s a Wall Street Journal writer named Ellen Byron. I worked with the first Ellen at Redbook, and she was great. I’ve reached out to the WSJ Ellen several times because I always get LinkedIn requests for her and compliments on my latest “WSJ article.” I even sent her a copy of Plantation Shudders. I’ve never heard a word from her.

Readers, it’s your turn! Tell us some fun facts about you!

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31 thoughts on “Friday Fun Facts

  1. So many facts I didn’t know about my own Chicks! Wow, Lisa, great pickup line. Hey Chicks, I smell a future blog post – fave pickup lines!

    I kept my fun facts simple this time. For simple, read “lazy.”

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  2. I can so relate to all my favorite things being discontinued. There’s this one restaurant I used to eat at all the time until they revamped their menu a few years ago and took off everything I used to order. And clothes and shoes? As soon as I find something I like they stop making it. Vickie, I allegedly hit a cone the first time I took my driving test. I’m still waiting for them to prove it. Ellen, every time I get one of those WSJ compliments I would say, “That was one of my better articles, but it still doesn’t live up to my Cajun mysteries.” And who doesn’t want to be a spoiled cat in their next life?

    Liked by 6 people

      1. I will never get over the death of the Caffe Latte lipstick shade. I hate you, Estée Lauder. (And I let you know EVERY time I stop by a department store makeup counter).

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  3. I love reading these fun fact posts. Takes fangirling down a notch because it makes you chicks real. Okay, doesn’t take it down any, more like up a notch. I learned I am a serious fangirl from my daughter, who rolls her eyes at me.
    Fun facts about me? Hestia Athena is not my real name. 😂
    The first time I made fudge I didn’t move fast enough, and the whole batch solidified on the wooden spoon.
    I am OCD on organizing, but can’t keep a writing schedule for my blog or mystery hobby if my life depended on it.
    I’ve been to a Broadway show one time, saw Curtains starring David Hyde Pierce.
    When I was in colleg, I swore I would never do auditing or taxes because I hated the classes. And guess what I’ve been doing with excitement for almost 17 years.
    Currently reading Libby Klein’s first book Class reunions are Murder. Poppy reminds me a lot of me at mine, sans murder suspect.

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  4. Cynthia–Now you HAVE to come visit Santa Cruz so I can give you a Lost Boys tour.

    Kellye–My weirdest obsession that’s been discontinued is Post’s Fortified Oat Flakes. Best cereal ever! And yes, I too, still look for them in the grocery store.

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  5. Current read: The Art of Vanishing by Cynthia Kuhn. Maybe you’ve heard of it?

    Last Movie Watched: Reap What You Sew. I am addicted to the Hallmark mystery movies

    Last Movie Watched in Theaters: Ready Player One

    Plans for the Weekend: LA Times Festival of Books!

    How Late Am I To Work? Very

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    1. I too am addicted to Hallmark mysteries! And that was the last movie I watched. Last night. And for once, I guessed the murderer, actually right away, with the right reason. That never happens to me!

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  6. I loved learning some wonderful things about you all. I know how it is to have something you love be discontinued. I have that problem with Sam’s store. They tease you with amazing things and never sell them again. I fixed them though. I fell in love with these new chickpea chips, I got 12 bags this week. If they still have them next month I will get even more. Although most people that know me would not think twice about my over buying. They say if there is ever any apocalyptic event, they know where to go for supplies.
    One odd fact about me is i have eyes that are not the same color. One is gray/blue and the other is hazel/green with about half of it a reddish brown. It was great when I was in elementary school. I would bring up the fact that I am of gypsy descent, read a palm or two and then when someone made me made raise my eyebrow and give them the evile eye.
    By the way the Libby Klein book is amazing!!

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  7. Wonderful posts!!
    Like Marla I love broadway musicals. I always buy the CD when I see a show and play it in my car while driving, singing loudly. I, too, can sing the entire scores on command.
    My favs are “Miss Saigon” and “chorus Line”.
    Thanks for the book recommendations as if my TBR pile isn’t already HUGE…

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