We just can’t stop eating…

We all have our favorite foods. Some are seasonal, some year-round, some special occasion-y. The Chicks share our faves here today – although getting us to share them in real-life isn’t so easy!

Vickie Fee

vickieI generally don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Chips are my snack nemesis — I never keep them in the house. But lately, I’ve been craving ice cream. Specifically, Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream from the Presque Isle ice cream stand in Marquette. I get one scoop in a cup, topped with hot fudge sauce. Maybe I’m craving ice cream because it’s finally summer here in the U.P. — a balmy 77 degrees today! (Don’t be a hater. We have mild summers, but not-so mild winters.) Maybe I’m just craving it because it’s sooo good and I’m not supposed to have it. I’m on this no-grain, no-dairy diet (sort of). To limit myself to ice cream once a week until Labor Day when the stand closes up for the season, I’m eating loads of cantaloupe and watermelon — which are allowed on my diet. Pretty good, but not the same as fudge.

Marla Cooper

CotC Marla Cooper

Just in time for this post, we’ve enjoyed an utter bounty of summer foods in the last week. Last Saturday, we made a watermelon salad with fresh mint, plus an yummy elote dip made out of fresh corn (4 ears for $1.00!) to go along with our neighbor’s grilled meat selection. Then on Sunday, my husband went to the farmer’s market and brought back fresh heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil with mozzarella for a caprese salad. For dessert? Fresh peaches! We don’t normally enjoy such a quintessentially summer menu, but I’d like to think it was the universe’s way of reminding me of all my favorite summer foods, all at once, so that I’d have something to share this week!

Kellye Garrett


My boss has a place in Asbury Park, which is a well-known town at the Jersey Shore. Last summer my coworkers and I spent a weekend down there. I ate everything I could get my hands on but my absolute favorite was this spot that specialized in gourmet (my word, not theirs) Italian Ice. I bought a coconut one and it was sooo good. So good that I’m now obsessed with coconut Ice. I work in Manhattan. It has every food in the world within a one-mile radius—except for coconut Italian Ice. Don’t get me wrong. They have Ice. Cherry. Lemon. Blueberry even. Just no Coconut. So imagine my complete and utter joy when I realized the Rita’s near my train stop in Jersey sold Coconut Cream! I’ve made several stops on my way home after a hard day at work. I’ll even take a large home and just leave it in my freezer for easy access.

Lisa Q. Mathews

CotC Word balloons

I go in favorite-food cycles. Right now I am making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies every three days or so to have for breakfast with my cappuccino (hey, that’s milk, right?). I’ve gotten a lot faster with the mixer and have almost memorized the recipe. This also means that I have leftover (not for long) bags of Nestle semi-sweet chocolate morsels in my breadbox (no bread, however, because I could care less about it–my carb of choice is any kind of potato, preferably baked or mashed). Lately I have also been eating a lot of blueberries, because I still have plenty on hand after my latest blueberry blog post. I know you were probably expecting that I’ve been focused on ice cream, but really, that’s a year-round deal for me. And New Englanders do NOT skimp on scoops!

 Ellen Byron


Trader Joe’s Reduced Guilt Cheese Curls are what Weight Watchers calls a “trigger food” for me. I’m generally not a binge eater, but I can’t have a bag of those in the house because I’ll power through it in a day, two at the most. It’s odd because I’m more of a sweet than salty person. But those cheese curls do me in every time.

But my current “I just can’t stop eating” is corn on the cob. Declared a zero-point food by WW, it’s become my go-to snack. I could probably eat a half-dozen a day, but God knows what that would do to my digestive system. So I limit myself to one… or two at the most. I don’t know what I’ll do when corn goes out of season. I just pray I’ve hit my goal weight by then!

Cynthia Kuhn


All over upstate New York where I grew up, there were wonderful little ice cream/frozen yogurt stands. So whenever summer comes along, I get nostalgic cravings for a soft-serve vanilla cone with sprinkles. However, that’s much harder to locate here in Colorado. We did find some in Estes Park that met our standards. It’s probably a good thing that’s hours away. (I keep telling my husband we could make a gazillion dollars if we opened a little stand with soft serve as good as we remember from our childhood. I may be overestimating the profit margin there. But still. We could make some dollars.)

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21 thoughts on “We just can’t stop eating…

    1. I love ice cream places that are only open during the summer. My husband’s from St. Louis and there’s a great one called Ted Drewes there, although they do have a smaller location opened year round.

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  1. I can say no to cookies, ice cream, cake, cupcakes…anything sweet. Put a bowl of chips in front of me, especially tortilla chips with accompanying salsa, and I’m done.

    I also can’t pass up good dark chocolate. But I try to be good and limit myself to one piece a day.

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  2. Okay, Marla and Ellen, you’re making me really, really want some corn on the cob — which is also not allowed on my no-grain, no dairy diet! Although I am allowed small amounts of butter, which would be sooo good on some corn. 🙂

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  3. All of these sound wonderful. Personally, I’m on the see food diet. I see food and I eat it! Hence my Reubenesque figure.
    My favorite food? Anything French. Steak with a mushroom lobster topping is a special meal. Garlic mashed potatoes, heavy on the garlic. Cheese biscuits. My favorite dessert? Ice cream, year round.
    Funny this was brought up. I just started reading a book by Jessica Tom, called Food Whore. It’s about a food lover trying to take NY by storm via writing. Jessica calls herself a food novelist. Yeah, that’s a real thing. People who write fiction involving the culinary industry. Isn’t that called an author? At least they used to be.

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  4. Yes. I have way to many favorite foods. Ice cream and pizza probably top the list.

    And Vickie, why would I be jealous of your late fall/early spring weather? I like summer weather, although mid 90’s would be nice for a change.

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