Our Favorite Easter or Passover treat is…

We all know what Easter and Passover are really about. Eating! Just kidding. But we do have our favorite spring holiday treats. And a special place in our heart for a holiday that celebrates all things Chick-like!

 Ellen Byron


I’m not a big fan of Halloween candy but I am all over Easter treats. can’t get enough of those speckled robin’s eggs, with their speckled candy coating, layer of chocolate, and melty malted goodness. And those little Cadbury chocolate eggs? YUM.

Coming from a mixed background, I must also give a shout-out to the delights of Passover. This is less of a sweets-oriented holiday for me. (Thank goodness. I’d end up in a sugar coma this weekend.) But give me a homemade matzoh ball soup and I’m happy. Even though I don’t eat meat, I always made an exception for my Aunt Ruth’s brisket. Happy Pesach and happy Easter! Mazel tov!

Vickie Fee


Okay, this may sound incongruous coming from a Chick, but I’m not a Peeps fan. Sure, they’re cute, but they taste like marshmallows that didn’t turn out quite right. And I’m not even a marshmallow fan to begin with — I pretty much only like marshmallows when they’re molten between two graham crackers with a slab of chocolate. Chocolate. That’s my favorite Easter (Halloween, Christmas) candy.

Leslie Karst

Leslie graphic

It’s gotta be Cadbury Creme Eggs. Although simply the thought of these confections sends me into a mild sucrose coma. Milk chocolate surrounding a white-and-yellow sugar-mixed-with-even-more-sugar filling that somehow manages to replicate a real egg—or at least one that might have been laid by a bunny.

I’ll give a close second, however, to the Kinder Surprise egg, a shell of milk chocolate with a real toy inside! (Alas, these delights are no longer for sale here in the US, as the powers-that-be have decided they are a choking hazard for small children. Back in the day, the toys were all made of wood—super cool!)

Kathleen Valenti

Given my obsession with licorice, it probably comes as no surprise that Black Jelly Bird Eggs are my all-time favorite Easter candy. They are a licorice lover’s dream and perfect for shoving into pockets, purses or cup holders in case a craving strikes. The only downside? They turn my mouth a hideous shade of purplish-black. I look like a Muppet vampire. Or maybe a vampire who feasts on Muppets.

If for some reason, they’re unavailable (they’re becoming increasingly difficult to find, probably because only 17 people buy them each year), please give me a chocolate bunny. Not one of those hollow chocolate bunnies. Something solid. Something decadent. Something that will greatly displease my dentist. I always make sure I buy extra chocolate bunnies. Actually, I buy extra of ALL the candy because I employ the one-for-you-three-for-me method when filling my kids’ Easter baskets.

Happy Easter and happy Passover to all who celebrate! ❤

Lisa Q. Mathews

The first thing I do on approaching an Easter basket is remove ALL the black licorice jelly beans and give them straight to Kathy. I OD’d on skating-rink-red-licorice rolls as a kid (my dad let me buy 2 packs, with 3 rolls each and I ate them in the car on the way home), so just the word “licorice” makes my insides roll. And while I adore chocolate in every form, and anything with coconut inside, I have to admit that I’m probably the one person in the world anymore who actually likes Peeps. Not due to the marshmallow (IS that marshmallow, really, Becky?), but because of the crunchy, yummy sugar all over the outside. Murdering Peeps by microwave is just sacrilege, folks. Although I do enjoy those websites that show Peeps enacting famous scenes from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc. Just pass all those marshmallow Chicks my way (any color of the rainbow is fine), and I’ll set up a reenactment of your choice. I also accept Peep bunnies.

Cynthia Kuhn


  • Sweet: check.
  • Colorful: check.
  • So adorable they anchor an Easter basket like nobody’s business: check check check.

Happy celebrations to all…

Readers, what are your favorite Easter or Passover goodies, sweet or savory?

42 thoughts on “Our Favorite Easter or Passover treat is…

  1. This chat left the station while I was busy with a hobby that I think none of the other Chicks have heard of … sleep! But I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to swoon over my beloved licorice jelly beans (amiright, Kathy??). I’m not a big candy person, but I loveloveLOVE those Starburst jelly beans. And speaking of jelly beans, I probably turned my children off jelly beans forever because when they were little, I accidentally bought “spice” flavored jelly beans instead of the normal fruit kind. Man-o-man did the Easter Bunny get in trouble THAT year! Maybe that’s why I like the Starburst ones … better packaging.

    As far as Peeps go, I’m glad you confessed first, Vickie. Not. A. Fan. Nor do I like those Cadbury eggs. I’m not a fan of runny eggs anyway, so that just puts me over the edge. Can’t even watch those horrible commercials.

    What I love about our traditional Easter dinner is the simplicity — spiral-sliced ham, roasted asparagus, maybe some whipped yams or potato salad. Very harbinger-of-spring to me.

    But however you do it, or whatever pleases your palate, I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend. Here in Colorado we’ll have typical Easter weather … 72 degrees, then some snow. I wish I kept count of how many Easter eggs we’ve hunted in the snow.

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    1. YAY for licorice jelly beans!! We should start a club!

      As much as I hate runny eggs, I love the yolky goodness of Cadbury. It makes me want to whip up a Cadbury omelet. Oh, and I love the spiced jelly beans. Spiced gum drops, too, for that matter! (Maybe I just like candy?)

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      1. Ooh, gum drops are one of my all-time favorite candies (along with Dots, Jujyfruits, and Swedish Fish–none of which I’ve ever gotten in an Easter basket so had to go with jellybeans in my answer above).

        *drops jellybeans*
        *shuffles toward gum drops*

        (Wait, it sounds like I’m transforming into a zombie…lol)

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      2. I suspect the spice jelly beans would have been fine, but not when you’re expecting fruit flavors. Like thinking you’re biting into a oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and it’s — ugh — raisins.

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    2. Be careful with the black licorice, Becky. Believe it or not, too much of it has sent people to the emergency room with irregular heartbeat. I like the Licorice AllSorts from England, but I’m careful not to eat to many at one time.

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  2. I don’t know that I’ve ever had a Peep. Even though I love marshmallows, they don’t appeal to me.

    I always love yogurt covered raisins. That’s something else you can’t seem to find these days, not that I look too hard. But back in the day, they were an Easter staple.

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  3. Easter candy confession: I always ate my chocolate bunny from the feet up. There was just something a little sad about chomping off the bunny ears. 😦 Anybody else? Or was I just a weird kid?!

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    1. I stuck a dagger through its midsection, uttered an incantation, cackled with glee, then held it in my grubby paw until it was unrecognizable. Clearly a good plan as I’ve never been arrested.

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    2. My dad always claimed the ears before anyone else got any. So I don’t think I’ve ever had a bunny ear. (sniff!)


  4. Sorry, Leslie, but you can keep the Cadbury eggs. My husband is from England and loves them. They are so sweet they put my teeth on edge. Not a Peeps fan either. My mother used to make dark chocolate covered coconut eggs that I just loved. That with the chocolate bunny and lots of Italian wedding ring cookies and Easter break, and I was quite happy on Easter — along with my new dress, shoes, hat, and gloves for church.

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    1. Aw, Grace, I always loved the new shoes and hat and gloves, and usually a little purse to match, with my new fancy dress. And the thought of chocolate covered coconut is making my mouth water. — Happy Easter!

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    2. Loved the Easter dress, shoes, hat, gloves and purse combo. I used to get Cecilia into an Easter dress and hat, but now it’s a struggle to get her to agree to wear something other than leggings and a tee.


    3. I miss those new, pastel Mary Janes. My gloves always got dirty immediately and my mom made me stuff them in my Mary-Jane-matching purse.


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