New True Things

True things that I couldn’t have even imagined saying just a few months ago.

  • My new goal is never to touch my own face.
  • There are a bunch of bandanas in the dryer.
  • I don’t think the dog wants to go for another walk.
  • Wishing for a bottle of hand sanitizer for my birthday.
  • What’s your favorite mask design?
  • I’ll get a haircut next year, hopefully.
  • To Zoom or not to Zoom? That is the question.

What are your new true things? 

Hope you and your families are safe and well.

45 thoughts on “New True Things

  1. Great list, Cynthia! I feel so much better now. Here’s mine: Do we have any veggies left? Can you please take your shoes off at the door, honey? We should pick up another of those big packs of Bounty. This homemade coffee isn’t that bad. And: Hey, I actually got another chapter written!

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  2. My comments?
    I wish my husband hadn’t retired. I want him out of the house occasionally.
    My sister and I are not fighting. Never happened before.
    I’m not sure who’s crazy. Me or the rest of the world.
    I actually like the face covering masks. It’s a fashion trend I can get behind. (Need to buy some)

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  3. I’d rather fix up my yard than travel.

    I feel like I won the lottery because there were swiffer supplies at the store.

    I’d rather go pick it up than have it delivered.

    Yay, a ride in the car!

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  4. Shopping is definitely like the lottery right now. I rarely win, but when I do, I feel wonderful all day. Then I start worrying about when I need to buy that item again.

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  5. How about celebrating birthdays in isolation? My husband and I BOTH have birthdays in May and this was the first year in several that I actually wouldn’t have been in New York to celebrate. So it will be just the two of us instead of being wished Happy Birthday by a TSA agent. 🙂

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  6. Great list, Cynthia! Never realized before how often I touch my face. I do it so much it’s like a hobby! P.S.: You probably need to launder more bandannas.

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  7. This is hilarious, Cynthia!! And oh-so-relatable. Here are some things I’ve been surprised to hear myself say:

    What do you mean I have to wear pants? Like, with a zipper and everything?
    Sure, kids, you can watch another show.
    Honey, will you cut my hair?
    I hope I get Clorox wipes for Mother’s Day!
    Oh, you can still see me on-screen?

    Thanks for the laughs!! Hugs to all. ❤

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  8. The produce is definitely the big thing in our house: Honey, do you really need to eat so much of that baby spinach in your salad? And Ziggy is really, really tired of all the walks we take her on. But the garden sure looks good right about now!

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  9. I’m using pantyhose now to make a mask I can actually breathe through.
    I wonder if I’ll ever get back to NY to see my mom again.
    I’m praying, PRAYING, my kid’s college opens in the fall.
    I need candy. (Oh, wait. I say that all the time.)

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  10. It is strange in Georgia where masks are required nearly everywhere if you go out. I saw a man today in a medical building wearing a mask but wearing it on his chin. Stuff like this makes me so uneasy in public. Who’d a thought that would happen?

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  11. Great list, Cynthia!

    Mine are:
    -Do I really need to brush my hair today?
    -If I cut up these napkins into smaller pieces, it’ll be just like having more napkins. (Same applies to fruit.)
    -Wow! Those gas prices are cheap! [stares at fuel gauge with full tank]

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