Bouchercon 2020

The Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, which is online this year, is happening this weekend–hope to see you there! We’ll be appearing on the following panels:

Not So Secret Lives of Authors: Simon Wood (M), William Kent Krueger, Ellen Byron, Gary Phillips, Catriona McPherson
Authors are forged by the things they’ve done… and the things they shouldn’t have done. Drop by the “Not So Secret Lives of Authors” to listen to the wild, weird, and unusual, but true.

Let’s Eat: The Food Mysteries: Mary Lee Ashford (M), Judy Alter, Leslie Karst, Bharti Kirchner, Nancy Parra, Maya Corrigan, Shawn Reilly Simmons
Food plays a central part in some cozies. There’s even a blog, “Mystery Lover’s Kitchen, featuring thirteen current cozy writers. What makes readers come back for second, third, or fourth helpings?

Our Furry Friends: Kathy Krevat (M), Lane Stone, Jackie Layton, J.C. Kenney, Jennifer Chow, Becky Muth
Animals play a big part in some cozies, acting as the sleuth’s sidekick, sounding board, or even, in some cases, leading the protagonist to the killer.

Madcap Mayhem: The Age of Screwball Comedy: Heather Haven (M), Kellye Garrett, Cynthia Kuhn, Heather Weidner, Elizabeth Little
Screwball comedies in the 1930s and 40s took a light poke at mores during the Depression. How do today’s authors build on this tradition with improbable set-ups, quirky characters, and wacky plots?

For more information, including specific days and times, please visit the Bouchercon 2020 website.

By the way, we have a handy new events page so that you can be in the know about all of the Chicks’ appearances and activities.

Readers, what are you up to this weekend? (We are wishing you a very happy one!)

19 thoughts on “Bouchercon 2020

  1. I will be attempting to listen (not taking notes, sadly) to Bouchercon today while I am working from home. It might be tricky, but I will give it a shot.
    Of course I am having trouble deciding which fabulous panels to listen to. Why are there so many?
    Other than that, spending time bonding with my daughter, prepping for a Scrivener virtual class I will be teaching the end of the month, and continue to work on my plans for Nanowrimo. FYI, I am doing the professional mourner sleuth thing. Mostly the over 50 crowd casting. Myrtle Beach.
    I will ‘see’ the Chicks there!

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      1. Leslie,
        A professional mourner is someone who is paid to attend a funeral/wake whatever. Usually hired by family or funeral home. Because the deceased wasn’t well liked, or because most of the people who knew them have passed already.
        Although Cynthia sent me an article about people who hired a professional mourner to come to their own funeral and tell all their secrets now that they have died!

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  2. I was going to try to be there in person at one point this year. But, you know, 2020. As it turns out, I’m busy at work today and the idea of a day of starring at my computer tomorrow didn’t appeal to me, so I didn’t sign up.

    Have a great time, all. I’m sure your panels will be wonderful!

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  3. Life has been so busy I missed this and other virtual conferences. I hope I can “attend” one – it is nice to have the option to hear from so many authors from the comfort of home.


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