Time for a Chick Pic!

Cozy readers—and especially Chicks on the Case readers—are some of the most creative folks on the planet so we’re asking you to play Chick Pic with us!

Give us a couple of sentences … who are these characters? What’s their back story? Victim, murderer, nosy neighbor, innocent suspect? The more ridiculous the better! Each comment can build on the next until we have a fully-fleshed out character. Or if you don’t like the direction the comment thread is going, start a new one. Writing is all about rewriting, after all. Let’s have some wacky creative fun!

13 thoughts on “Time for a Chick Pic!

  1. Travis is watching him from a distance. With his back to Stan, Stan is clueless that the FBI is watching him as well, trying to find out information about his co-conspirator.

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  2. While the others around him make their calls, Stan gazes out over the ocean and wonders why he ever went into this line of work. He gives a tiny smile as he sees a small sailboat that is about to take a drink as an inept skipper tries to beat the coming storm. Apparently that guy didn’t think small craft advisories were intended for him. But wait–there’s someone else on that boat. And a body-sized bundle about to be buried at sea…

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  3. Baldy McBaldface is on the phone to HQ. Seems Stan, their mole, has just confessed to being a member of the Royal Family of Absurdistan and fears he must go into hiding because he has made such a bad pun, he has blown his cover.

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  4. But Stan has been plotting away. He modified the other agents’ phones to emit a small amount of sleeping gas when they use their devices. While they’re knocked out, he plans to solve the mystery of the body-sized bundle in the sea, get the glory, and restore his ranking.

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  5. Stan stares at the boat trying to focus on the victim, who could still be alive inside that bundle. But his thoughts stray. He wonders how much a sweet little boat like that costs. Maybe he should buy one for himself. Tugging at his collar, he also wonders why the heck he wore a suit to the beach!

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